Posted: 06/15/2004 in None

*thud!* … back in tha t-dot …

My Sunday pretty much was reserved for family. I slept in a bit, then went out to a late lunch with the siblings. Started packing, then had a family dinner. Later on in the evening, I ran my last-minute errands – pick up a box from Dalo (as I’m helping him move some of his stuff out east), and return some DVD’s to Jenny-Baby.

It was good to see Dalo, if just for a little bit. We went over some things as per his big move. I offered my help when the time should come. I mean, what are friends of … 15 years for?

I dropped by Jenny-Baby and Bo‘s in time to catch the last little bit of “Austin Powers in Goldmember“. We chatted, and after a couple of hugs, it was time to head home to meet up with GuessGirl.

We were to fly out east together . Our HMY flight was damn near empty. Not that I’m complaining, of course. There was maybe … 40 people on the flight … total. Needless to say, it was very relaxed and there was plenty of room. Other than my first-class experience, it was the most comfortable flight I’ve even been on.

There was one sore point on the flight. The in-flight movie was “Miracle“; a flick about the “Miracle On Ice” team that won the gold medal in the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics. At the end of the movie, I was close to tears. I wasn’t worried what others might think. If asked why I was crying, I can honestly say that it was not that the film moved me. Rather, I realized that I had just wasted more than an hour of my time … and that I’ll never get that time back. Boo …

When we landed, that sweetheart of a woman, Gracey, picked us up and we head for lunch. Afterwards, I sent GuessGirl out to Brampton, over to her ‘hottie’ friend’s place.

Gracey had a dance lesson in town, but met up with myself, Pac-Man, Baby-J, and Big Ed afterwards for a bite. She’s an absolute riot. Dalo is one lucky guy.

Which leads me to my point for the evening … and I quote, “… all the good ones are taken,”. No, it’s not a matter of the grass being greener on the other side. It’s just a basic fact of life that those great ladies out there will have their pick of men. And, I have no doubt there is a great number of good men out there.

And thus, it leaves the average-Joe’s, and the likes of me (the below-average-Joe), in the hunt for who’s left. The problem is, those ladies are often swooning over the small percentage of guys out there that are total ass holes. I’m talking about those types that know they are hot stuff, and will milk it for what its worth.

I’m sure you know “the type”. Those guys that get into the big professions knowing it impresses the chicks. Those lawyers … doctors … yes, that lot. Those guys that get into those professions *to* impress the chicks …

I look around my circles of friends and see it every day. “She can do better …”. “He deserves the best …”. Why don’t the two just get together? Because they don’t know better, that’s why!

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