Posted: 06/13/2004 in None

A Blast From The Past …

I decided to hang with some family today. Ah-Ho, Ah-Mun (and her boyfriend), and I went out for a little lunch at Sammy J Peppers. Always a good time with my two sibling. We have an odd sense of humour, to say the least.

Afterward, we hit the new Aberdeen Centre for a walkabout. As we walked in, we ran into SweetTooth. She was probably my first ‘little sister’. Back in the day, I’d pick her up and head out with friends, then send her home in time to clear curfew. We were good friends, tight even.

Over the years, we’ve since grown apart. We see each other on occasion and it’s always a blast. But seeing her today, really brought back some old memories. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m headed off tomorrow morning that I’ve been slightly nostalgic. I’ve lost touch with a lot of good friends over the years.

One can say that over time, you naturally narrow down your circle of friends. Perhaps that may be the case, but lately, I’ve felt that my emphasis on my last relationship (to make things work) has seen me push away and leave many of my friends behind. Oddly enough, over dinner last night, Jenny-Baby was telling me how much her aunt was hoping I’d break up with my ex over the years.

What can I say, except that my ex may have been the biggest mistake of my life. I apologize to my friends that may have felt shut out by me over the years. And I send out my most sincere thanks to those whom stood by me.

So you ask, “What does SweetTooth have to do with this?” Well, if it had not been for her, I may not have ever gotten together with my ex. That’s not to say that I place any blame on her. Rather, I suppose they’ll always be linked in my mind – that’s all I’m saying.

Boy, don’t I miss high school. Every time I see Jenny-Baby it’s like high school revisited. And hanging out with Bo and Ah-Ho doesn’t help either. Gone are the days where life was pretty much care-free.

Would I relive my high school years? In a heartbeat. Would I trade in my life now for years gone by? No chance.

But still, I’m happy to be able to look back on my life, thus far, and say that I’ve live a good, full life. I have happy memories. I have sad ones. But it all balances out.

Okay, enough of this brain fart for now …


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