Posted: 06/11/2004 in None

Happy Birthday, Jenny-Baby!

I visited with Jenny-Baby tonight. It was nice to see the sisters together all at once. I hadn’t seen Mere in a while, and I always have a blast hanging out with Bo.

The sisters watched “Shrek” on DVD, while I serviced their computers. This was pretty much the norm whenever I’m over. That or I help take care of anything that needs tending to.

After the movie, Mere left, leaving Jenny-Baby, Bo and I to talk a bit. As usual, I get teased about my old high school days. As of late, I’m getting teased about how similar Ah-Ho is to me when I was his age.

By 12 AM, Jenny-Baby needed to crash in order to get to work in time and actually function properly. I guess you have to actually do work at eBay. That left Bo and I to run out for a quick pint. She brought me out to one of her regular spots.

Bo is a sweet lass. I always enjoy her company. She so full of life and energy, she makes me wish I was younger. I look back to when I was her age, and I loved it. Oh, what I would do to relive those times …

On an even brighter note, I’m glad to report that Renka‘s father has been fairing better today. He seems to be on the road to recovery, which has lifted a huge weight off of Renka‘s mind. Many of you have sent your well-wishes to her through me – to which she replies with a heartfelt “Thank you!”.

So, some of you folks are wondering what happened as per that long, long distance phone call

… Can you keep a secret? Yes? Well, so can I …


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