Posted: 06/10/2004 in None

Despite the sombre reason why Renka‘s been in town, she’s been trying to enjoy the finer aspects of Van-City; the food. As far as I’m concerned, the food here is of great quality, at great prices. So many good eats … but where to begin? We’d hit a couple of my usual spots, but we were itching for some fine dining. As I’m a little tired right now, I’ll keep this short.

So last night I had the pleasure of dining at Robert Feenie‘s Lumiere. We opted to go nuts and try the 12-course Signature Menu. It was simply a 4.5-hour culinary indulgence … of which I’m not anywhere near feeling guilty. I enjoyed every moment.

Tonight, we hit up Vij’s to try a little Indian cuisine. It’s rare that I find someone willing to try Indian with me, and wouldn’t you know it, Renka is game. I suppose it helps that she’s big on spice. Nonetheless, we chose an assortment of savoury dishes that did not disappoint us. We even saw Vikram standing outside for some fresh air – prompting us to wonder why he wasn’t in the kitchen preparing the food … ??? … hmmm …

In any case, I had the chance to catch up with Blondie a bit today. It’s been quite some time since I spoke to her last. I’ve missed chatting with her. With our busy lives, it’s nice to know that we can pick up right where we left off. Although, there was a little bit of back-tracking to get us up to speed, once that was done, it was like old times.

So, debating what to do this weekend … suggestions?

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