Posted: 06/06/2004 in None

So, as promised, here’s my recap of yesterday:

Had a meeting with Douglas College in the morning, and then dropped by VGH in hopes of catching Renka. She was having troubles getting DVD and media files to run on her laptop, so I was dropping off some software for her.

Turns out her father was undergoing a procedure that required some time. That left Renka with some free time on her hands to do some shopping. My timing was just right. Being the experienced shopping accomplice that I am (thanks to the likes of Baby-J), I had the pleasure of escorting Renka down Robson St. hitting up places like A|X, Lululemon, and BCBG – the idea being to get stuff not readily available out east.

Later on in the evening, I brought Renka out to meet some friends for dinner. It was Wingman‘s idea to get people out for an all-you-can-eat sushi, so I can load up on pacific salmon; Thanks, buddy! I picked Jovo and Jenny-Baby up. Of course, I-V was there with Wingman, and Ah-Ho came out with me too. I had pretty much assembled all of my best eating buddies right there.

On an entirely different note … I miss my sports. Every time I get back into sports (even in the slightest capacity), I get a nostalgic. The ‘what if?’ syndrome kicks in. I start to wonder what I could have done had I continued onto provincial soccer … or had I decided to take up that football scholarship opportunity from Stanford … maybe if I didn’t balk at the Canadian field hockey training for the Olympics in Sydney … and could I have made it onto the nation rugby team

Mike Armstrong, Trevor Hammond, Mark Lawson, Pat Fleck, Pat Bickterton, Ali Shebani, Ed Fairhurst, Mike Webb … all of these guys have played at the national level. All of the these guys I’ve either played with, against, and/or coached at one point. I know that during my hey-day, I competed with the best of them. My high school coach, and former national winger, Pat Palmer, tried his best to encourage me to play on. He saw potential in me, but I had other worries. Such a shame …

However, I suppose I could be living vicariously through Ah-Ho. His team, my alma mater, just won the BC High School Rugby Provincial Championships – and in convincing fashion too. He’s an impact player, and the coach has suggested he seriously consider trying out for rugby scholarships for schools down south … yes, like Stanford

I’m seriously contemplating whether or not to take up coaching at a higher level. I’ve been coaching field hockey, soccer and rugby at the high school level for a number of years now under the tutelage my former coaches. They all feel I have a natural knack for it. I’ve been helping coach my ruggers at Humber too.

I suppose it’s always been something passed down to me from my dad. When I was young, my dad always advised me to get to know the sport I played. Being Asian, I’m often at the disadvantage physically in comparison to the big white boys I played against. I wasn’t as fast … or as big … or as tall … or as quick … or as skilled … I had to know the game as my advantage. Whatever it was I could use, I’d use it to give me that edge. It could exploiting the rules, psychological games, or just strategy … I used it.

I guess it’s true … “You can take me out of the game … but you can’t take the game out of me!”


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