Posted: 06/03/2004 in None

I got to spend most of the day home alone. It was quite nice and relaxing. It was exactly what I’ve been hoping for. Then came the phone call. Ah-Ho calls me from school. “I think you should come pay ‘Daddy’ a visit … he’s not doing too well …”.

For those whom don’t know, Daddy‘s an old teacher and a great chum of mine. We’ve shared some good times, fun travels, great laughs … and in recent years, some unwanted tears. You see, his wife had been suffering from a deep depression for several years. She was a wonderful, beautiful woman whose company I had enjoyed over dinner and drink on many an occasion.

The good man that Daddy is, he stuck by her, even in her deepest and darkest hours, all the while maintaining the household, keeping the family (daughter and 2 boys) in order, and being, to all the students at SGS, the very reason why we call him “Daddy“. However, he’s had his own health concerns over the years. He suffered an epileptic seizure many years back, and it still affects him today.

After a visit with his wife in the hospital, he suffered another attack while driving back to school. He had a horrible car accident that left him, as I was told, “… within an inch of his life …”. He spent many months recovering, drawing upon that strength and positive attitude he’s always been known for – and, of course, the support of family and friends.

At this time, his wife seemed to have snapped out of her depression. I’m told this is not entirely uncommon. I even spoke to her just a day after the accident to send along the well wishes of our grad class – Grad ’96 has always had a special relationship with Daddy. She was obviously upset, but was very touched and relieved to hear a familiar voice offering the support from good friends.

Unfortunately, as time progressed and Daddy recovered at an amazing rate, she seemingly over-shot. She shed her pessimistic views and was living life with reckless abandon. I won’t get into the details, but it literally left Daddy miserable as he’s lost that loving wife he used to know and love.

The marriage was falling apart, and despite his efforts to make things work, it has come to the point where a divorce is needed. It is such a shame. This man deserves so much. This is one man who would not just bend over backwards for you … he’d do back flips. He’s heavily influenced me, and is a big part of who I am.

He takes care of all the kids. Be it school issues, your social problems, family problems … he’ll help you. I’ve know for a fact that he will appear in court for you, if need be. This man will not let you down. I have never met a man more giving.

Every Christmas season, he gives up countless hours to run an annual Christmas Hamper Drive in which the school helps Social Services spread holiday cheer to the less fortunate by collecting, packaging and distributing donated foods, toys, and clothes. In fact, he was the founder of this long-standing event which has become a tradition at the school – a tradition so far reaching that it’s gone beyond our calling companies for help, but rather, companies now call us to offer what they can!

This is the selfless work this man does, giving up thousands of hours for well over 30 years. He loves his family. He loves everyone. It is easy to see why we call him “Daddy“. It is with this in mind that I ponder …

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

It’s not fair. It’s just not fair. It’s not right.


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