Posted: 06/02/2004 in None

It’s so nice to be home again …

So I didn’t sleep. I packed, slowly, into the wee hours of the morning. The cab arrives more than 15 minutes early. There was little traffic so I got to the airport in very good time … which meant I sit around doing a whole lot of nothing. Boarding time was 6:30 AM. We boarded at 7:00 AM. Flight was to be at 7:30 AM. We left at 7:50 AM. Oddly enough, we arrived a half-hour early.

The flight was okay. I napped for small stretches. Had a little “meal”. They played two feature movies – “Along Came Polly” and some other movie I didn’t pay attention to. The movie kind of hit home. It got me really upset.

The story goes along the lines of Debra Messing‘s character cheating on Ben Stiller‘s character on the first day of their honeymoon, effectively ruining the marriage, but only to want to win him back from Jennifer Aniston‘s character.

I sit and watch a fictional story about how a person can see the error of one’s ways, and try to make things right. And as we all know, movies are but our fantasies of how we wish life to be. So, it just hammers home a firm reminder that my life has been royally fucked by a certain woman.

I suppose one could push the fact that the guy did find a lovely lady in the end. Heck, some of you could even say that could be true for me in the lady I’ve met since … but if you pay attention the movie, you’ll see that there was a period of change and acceptance to shed the old ways, and past demons. In my case, nothing is happening – and nothing will happen – and so I’m still stuck with my issues of the past.

Some would say for me to suck it up and get on with life. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I am. However, everyone carries their previous relationship into the rest of his/her life and into future relationships. Coming out of a long relationship in which I was attempting build my future on, I’ve got a ton of issues I need to work on. Moreover, given the reason and manner in which the relationship ended, I’m seriously messed in the head.

On a lighter note, I was asked out by the flight attendant today! Every time she would serve me my meal, my drinks I couldn’t help but stare at her. After a while, she noticed my gawking and asked me if there was something wrong. I think she was a little uncomfortable, maybe even upset. I apologized immediately. I had to confess to her that I thought she had the most enchanting eyes.

I can’t quite describe them, except to say they were a beautiful shade of green. I did ask if they were natural, or if they were contacts. She blushed and told me they were natural. After that we chatted and bantered a bit. Eventually she asked if I’d like to spend some time with her tonight. I figured it wasn’t so much a good idea, so I politely declined. She did ask me for my email address and promised me she’d write. So … we’ll see, I guess …

The rest of my day was quite nice. I spent some time with my mom over brunch. I picked up Ah-Ho from school, and then helped Dalo run a field hockey practice. I gave Renka a call to check on things with her. Things haven’t improved with her father, so she’s going to fly into town to be by his side. Afterward, I had dinner out with family. We enjoyed time together with our usual, completely off-the-wall sense of humour. *Ah* … good times …

It’s so nice to be home …


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