Posted: 05/23/2004 in None

What a mad dash the last couple of days has been …

Part One – Chapter 1 : Friday …

Firstly, I booked out to the airport to pick up Wingman. His flight was delayed. That put a serious strain on our plans. The idea was to pick him up just after 2 PM, head to my place, get changed, and hit up Schmooze with an assortment of people – namely Berty and the Merrill boys (most of which are with the Unreliable$ crew), and a friend of Baby-J‘s (and her sorority sisters … ;-D … ), and some Calgary folk I’ve met through Renka.

The entertainment scene here is very different from that of back home. Frankly, the red-tape and snootiness of it all was quite a turn-off. The spot had a 25-and-over policy (with the exception of ladies 23-and-over). We had two guys with us that were 24. Needless to say, despite my trying to chummy up to the bouncers, and the manager – that we’re all business professionals … working for Merrill and Deloitte … finished a big project … wanted to show our consultants a good times … – we didn’t get them in. Moreover, even when I told them that half of our party was already up on the patio, the manager wasn’t so much in the giving mood.

In the end, the underaged guys were very understanding and told us to head on in to meet our friends. They’d just meet up with us afterwards. Grudgingly, Wingman, Baby-J and I headed in. Then, we tried to meet up with the Merrill guys on the patio but we then told that we can’t, because it was packed. We were told that we needed to get on the list … then when they’re ready, they’ll give us a ticket … and only *then* we can head up. Not a great start to the night, especially since I’ve got a good buddy of mine in town that I’m trying to help catch up with a high school friend and have a good time.

Frankly, it was a shitty experience. Wingman was understanding, and we patiently waited. In the meantime, Baby-J had met up with her friends and were making the rounds, and having drinks bought for them by the hoards of guys in the joint. By the time Berty managed to talk us up to the patio, we had a pretty good time. We hung out with Eddie and PeteyP and a couple of other guys. We had several rounds of drinks, munched on some food, an watched a lady being escorted out as she was passed out. Turns out we ran into some other guys from our alma mater as well.

Afterward, we met up with the other crew and Li’l Ed for a quick bite and waited for Renka and her man to call and meet up with us to hit up a club. After dinner, we killed time by hitting Hooters and put back a couple of pitchers.

Soon enough, we were off to The Distrikt. It was a very Asian club and it has its appear in some regards (mainly in the women that frequents this joint), but it further lamented the fact that clubbing is really not my bag. I miss the days of high school dances, when you could walk into a gym full of your friends – knows everyone there, and everybody knows you – and get wild, funky and down-right stupid.

Nowadays, the idea of clubbing almost makes me cringe. I get the urge to now and then, and sometimes the mood does strike me, but often I find myself sitting there not enjoying the dancing or the music, and paying for over-priced, watered-down drinks. I’m such a pub-crawler. I’d much rather sit at a watering hole with some good friends and share some good laughs.

After the club, we hit up a Chinese BBQ place in Chinatown for late night eats.

Part One – Chapter 2 : Saturday …

We had talked of doing the dim sum deal in the morning, but come Saturday, nobody could wake up in time. In the end, Wingman, Li’l Ed, Pac-Man and I had a late sushi lunch, and hit the LCBO and grabbed enough liquor to sedate an elephant in preparation for the Lightening vs. Flyers game. I’m glad to report the ‘bolts won, as I think the Flames will have an easier time winning the whole damn thing!

So the night went on with a lot of drinking. Li’l Ed always joked about his partying ways, but never saw how I rolled with my people. He was in for quite a night. I won’t get into the details, as some parts of it were rather embarrassing … “What happens in Toronto, stays in Toronto …”, right, boys? … *wink wink*

It wasn’t too, too bad … I mean, when you are sucking on a [CENSORED] and you [CENSORED] it out, you can’t go and [CENSORED] on someone without so much as the guy wanting to [CENSORED] your ass. To make things worse, you [CENSORED] on your friends and [CENSORED] them in a public place! Let’s just say there are some places I’ll never go with [CENSORED] again. … yeah …

What a night … and he didn’t remember any of it … *hehehehe*

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