Posted: 05/19/2004 in None

*oi* … still can’t sleep … But at least now I have Dutchess keeping me company. Despite her now having been living in the land of the windmills for some years now, we’ve managed to stay in touch and still close. I miss her dearly … Thank goodness for the internet and instant messaging!

So we’re chatting about our varying views as per my most recent posting. Is she “out of my league” or is she simply “not interested”. I think it’s best summed up in this little story …

Baby-J and I were heading home from a late dinner tonight. The subject of an old acquaintance of mine came up. I had mentioned that, last I heard, he had been dating a lady several years his junior.

“… *sigh* … Why is it that all these guys are dating younger?”, Baby-J gripes.

I think there is a simple answer to this one. It’s because a lot of women at our age are looking to nest. They look for all the qualities that ensure a future. These are the qualities you’ll find in older, more established men. And so you’ll often find a lot of women in their mid-20’s dating men in the late-20’s, or early-30’s. Then, there are some gold-digging types that go straight for the goods in the 40’s range.

Unless the mid-20’s men are looking for cougars, they’re often left with no other choice but to date younger women.

“What does that say about those same-age couples?”, you may ask. Yes, they do exist. I wont even say there are rare, because they are not. *BUT*, how many times have you heard a woman say “… he wasn’t ambitious enough …”? Often you’ll find that those same-age couples are both working towards a common goal. In that, the woman has the security in that man.

Now, in my case … I’m pretty much a lost cause. I’ve had nothing but a run of bad luck in my academic career. I’m off to a great head-start to nowhere. Every time I try to get going, I fall flat on my face. I simply offer nothing to a woman of my age. The ‘security’ I offer to a woman in the forms of sincerity, faithfulness, dedication, and devotion can be attained from most any guy. *Ah* … but do I offer a future for the woman to bank on? No.

Heck, I don’t even offer a future I can bank on. Now why would a woman even come close to considering that as a worthwhile investment? Moreover, I’m no spring chicken. If I were hot I might actually get somewhere, but no such luck here.

So, is she “out of my league” or is she simply “not interested”? I’d have to say she’s “not interested” because she’s simply “out of my league”.

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