Posted: 02/29/2004 in None


Do not assume that you know everything there is to know about me simply because you read my weblog on a regular basis. Any judgments you make based on the information I have “provided” to you about myself will undoubtedly be vague, incomplete or even embellished for the sake of humour in shits and giggles, or due to a rant dependant on my mood at the moment of posting. Whatever less-than-intelligent opinion you form on me, my life as a whole, or how I choose to live my life – real, or online – is probably best kept to yourself.

Remember, you are the reader and you choose so out of your own free will. Do not pester me for information which I do not wish to make available. Chances are, I may have found that said information is too personal or inappropriate to share. If you are a close, personal friend you’ll most likely know of it already or fully understand all of my posted material. All others are on a “need to know” basis – and you simply do not need to know.

Ex-friends, former lovers, estranged family members and distant associates that have been cut out of my life should refrain from reading my weblog altogether. The relationship has ended, or you bear no consequence to my life, so there is no reason why you should be getting occasional updates on my life. If you cannot help yourself, do so quietly, and do not repeat what you have read against me, or contact me on the matter … ever.

If you wish to sign my guestbook or leave a comment, please do so. Compliments will always be graciously accepted and appreciated. Criticisms and reproaches are fine if you have a problem with something, but try to remain constructive – do not be an asshole. No one is forcing you to give out your opinions, so if you must be rude, I suggest you think twice, before I must be rude back.

If you’re contacting me for the first time, have a clue. If I have included details in my weblog such as my age, my whereabouts, my feelings as per a certain situation …do not waste my time by asking me questions which can be answered by reading my postings.

Do not assume I owe you any response. Often I will try to respond to anyone whom decides to drop me a line, but I will not reply to idiots, morons, pricks, bigots, sexists, or elitist, arrogant bastards. If I have not responded to you, it means that you fit in one of those categories. If you continue to bother me, I will respond, telling you exactly which order you fall under and I will proceed to tell you what I might think you should do with/to yourself – and do not think those words will be anywhere near being kind.

This weblog is my outlet of my views, my thoughts, my feelings … it has become my therapy. The internet is a place that encourages free and creative expression, and as in any environment where people are given this freedom, conflict may arise. If I should use language or materials that offend you, I sincerely apologize, and please leave. Bitching and whining about it to me, or my friends is futile. Approach me, and we’ll have it sorted out. Contacting me or my host server, demanding the removal of the content or change my ways is absurd because you are viewing the contents of my weblog of your own free will. Simply stop browsing here and you won’t have to see whatever it is you don’t agree with.

In fact, I promise that my weblog may include textual, audio and/or visual depictions of such a wide range of topics that it’s bound to entertain and offend.

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