Posted: 12/02/2003 in None

Anyone who knows me knows that I love sports. By this blog, you know I love rugby. But fact is, I love hockey just as much. Sure, I haven’t been writing a lot about my beloved ‘Nucks or much of the Rugby World Cup, as I’ve been busy with school and whatnot … but I’m a die-hard fanatic …

I am also extremely patriotic to my country. I’ve got a bit of a beef with those people whom are invited to and decline to represent their country. I can understand if the case would be a matter of retirement, injury, health concerns, dire family matters … fine. But perfectly good and healthly individuals refusing to play? … bah! Mario Lemieux hacked it with a bad back , and “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky played past his prime … all for the Great White North.

Now … those guys that don’t play bother me enough … but those that choose to play for another country really gets my blood boiling … Adam Deadmarsh of Trail, BCBrett Hull, son of the lengendary “Golden Jet” Bobby Hull, of Belleville, ON … both play for the U.S.. Fact is, they couldn’t cut it way back in the junior days, so they opted to hop south of the border.

Just now, while watching TSN SportsCentre I heard this:

“One name missing from the list of invitees is Brady Murray, son of L.A. Kings‘ head coach, Andy Murray. The University of North Dakota forward asked not be considered as he apparently intends to take a guaranteed spot on Team U.S.A. rather than try out for one on Team Canada. That’s intriguing if for no other reason than Andy Murray has been a big part of Hockey Canada over the years and is vying for an assistant coach’s position with the World Cup team. For TSN, I’m Bob McKenzie.”

… sick … sick bastards … mark my words … “biting the hand that feeds you is asking for your teeth kicked in”

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