Posted: 12/02/2003 in None

Been so busy lately … so much to do, but so little time … And as per the advice of The Landlord, yes, my actual landlord … “… college just isn’t college without a good beer bash! … C’mon, Warz! Relax a little!”.

So the the Ruggers and I organized a kegger at The Rugby House for last Friday. Had a blast. In-fucking-credile party. I even got completely shit-faced … first time in years. Glad to report that I didn’t puke or suffer any hangover. Met a ton of people; more than I can remember. Good times to start the weekend, but it didn’t end that way.

I had a some big plans for this last weekend. My fellow SGS ’96 grads in my area (Berty, Timothy, Lemon, Dumbass and Donut Dude) were slated to meet up, have a nice sit-down dinner and catch up. I had all the boys and their significant others on retainer for Saturday. What I neglected to realize, or rather remember, was that Bonehead was going to be in town to visit Dumbass. It simply slipped my mind.

Anyhow, at the last minute, I find that Dumbass is calling me to cancel because of a “sudden change in date of a previous engagement”. With that, we lost 2 of the guys for dinner. Given the dwindling numbers, others decided bail as well as they had opted out of other engagements for this dinner. At this point, I can’t help but think that Bonehead‘s “inability to play well with others” lead to all of this. I would not be surprised if he’d contacted Babydoll knowing that she and I have had split – he hadn’t made any effort in contacting her these last few years at all. We all know he’s had a history of actively maintaining friendships that you don’t. “Maybe he’s a afriad of competition?”, says some … nay … says most …

After this weekend, I was quite surprised at how some people see him. Even guys that barely know him have very little nice things to say about him. I knew some of our fellow Old Boys didn’t like him much. I was taken aback when some of my friends (whom have only met him a few times) said they didn’t think much of him either. I was surprised that some people could even hate him. But I was shocked to have heard a story where someone hated him after having only met him once. Ouch … that hurts … poor guy …

Speaking of which … some of you have really good memories. That email from Bonehead, I still have not read. I’m rather surprised so many of you have even asked about it – especially those new friends that don’t even know him. I’ve received a bit of advice from some of the Ruggers … that I should, indeed, read that email before I head home. Perhaps, I will … but I’m pretty sure I know what it’ll be all about. “… blah blah blah … I never said that … blah blah blah …” … yadda yadda … whatever … I’ll read it when I read it. And I’m sure you’ll all hear about it when I do.


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