Posted: 11/25/2003 in None

Oi … how sad … the ‘Nucks bit it on Saturday … then they tanked again tonight … thought I’d hit the pub to drown me sorrows in a couple of pints, only to have the boys rub it in my face … bah …

We were to get together tonight for some shits and giggles, but it turns out that most needed to turn in. We were all suffering from withdrawl since the season’s end. All the boys missed hanging out with each other … poking fun at each other … “cutting” Junior … making PeeWee do laps … having Gabey order for us at Mickie D’s … So anyhow, we hit the pub, but guys started falling alseep … so people starting leaving after a good drink …

By the end of it, only a handful of guys remained; most of whom were from res, so they hung with other res people. It pretty much left me at the bar … with Barmaid working … Last week, I found out she’s now on the patch … and tonight, I found out she’s chewing the gum … Can you say uncomfortable? … So I left for home …


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