Posted: 11/17/2003 in None

Alright folks … so remember when I made a little request … just a little one … that my friends back home send me something, anything to decorate my place with so that I have visuals of them and/or the Wet Coast? Well, whoever sent me the used panties … NOT FUNNY. I mean, if they were nice, say … silky … slim and sexy … meh, maybe it’s okay. But for for fuck’s sake … THOSE WERE SOME NASTY GRANNY-PANTIES!. Meh, I’m betting it was one of my rugger boys … assholes …

Oi … anyhow … one month and counting. I can’t wait to go home. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss the city. I miss everything about home. I can’t get away from the traffic. I want to see the moutains. I want to hit the slopes. KaraBear‘s headed back out west and Davy is crashing with a buddy there. Hopefully if the timing is right, I’ll catch up with them and run with it.

Oh, which reminds me … to my old family friends … you know who you are … I’m still getting that dinner together. We’re looking for some night from the 21st to the 26th. Check your Evite for more details. Remember, the parents asked me to get this together … just like the good old days …

You guys are funny … I go to the effort of putting up a section for people to post comments and whatnot, and yet so few of you do. Seemingly most would rather email. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. It a little more intimate and personal, and I would understand if there are some things you’d rather not say in public – fair enough. Many of you are now asking what just what happened at the Bachelor’s Night. Well …

As I mentioned some time ago, Franchaise fractured his C-5 during one of our games. A couple of weeks ago, at the Hallowe’en Pub Night the dickhead that is the goalie for the hockey team (who’s currently dating Franchaise‘s ex) decided to run up to him and rip off his beck brace and fling it around the room. I’m sorry, but you don’t fuck around with someone who’s got a broken neck. Needless to say, a war was brewing between the rugby and hockey teams. The goalie avoided school for 2 weeks. Well, he showed up to Bachelor’s Night. When I saw him, I got up, slammed my drink down, stormed over and clocked him. Big rumble. It was beautiful. Luckily for us we’ve got a team member, two former team members, two englishmen, and all the lady bartenders (our fans) on staff who are on our side. The hockey team got the boot; we stayed. Fight #1.

The HSF went to Whiskey A GoGo and hired 3 exotic dancers. The first one was well into her 30’s … but her breasts are not more than a decade old. The second, was an extremely yummy redhead who could dance like nobody’s business. The third … hell, she didn’t look she was legally allowed in the pub, let alone dancing … but she was, by far, the best dancer. Then, for the ladies’ pleasure, a male dancer was brought in. Word is, he was a Humber alumnus … hmmmm …

Pretty Boy was litterally a kid that was teased, so he hit the gym. He bulked himself up to impress the ladies. He did a good job, as he’s got a wicked frame. But, with that, comes a bit of an ego. He’s a showboat. When the dancers were doing their thing, some guys were allowed to lie down on stages and the dancers would perform on them. One guys got his turn … played it up … then Pretty Boy was next … only, after his turn, he turns, motions like he’s wiping the sweat from his brow and flings it at the first guy. This did not of over well well him, so he gets up and makes a run at Pretty Boy. Now, most of us can’t stand Pretty Boy much, but being the team that we are, we jumped in to help him fend off the moron and his friends … Fight #2.

About a month ago, two ladies from the ladies rugby club team asked me to coach them next year. One of the ladies is Rugby Chick. The other is Silver Tongue (tongue stud … uh-huh …). I’d been running into her here and there but never got her name until this night. We were haning out and she was there with her new boyfriend of one week. Somehow, word got around that she had asked me out a little after we met. Her man went ape-shit on me. He jumped me in the washroom. Our tussle spilled into the bar … lovely … He wasn’t much of match for me. My buddies pretty much just sat back and laughed at the guy. So, he got the hook out of there. “Let’s go,”, he says to Silver Tongue“Fuck no!,”, she responds. She apologized to me, and stuck with us to ham it up some more. Fight # 3.

Now for the slaps … The night had a real burlesque feel to it all. Some would call it trashy … but frankly, I liked it. The HSF Executives ran the show and Vice President of the North Campus was hosting the festivites. V P was wearing this very sexy red bodice-type top and very tight black pants. She’s a curvy lady and she looked good that night. After making an announcement on stage, she walked by the team. All of a sudden, she turns and yells, “Okay … who grabbed my ass?!”. One guy starts to laugh and puts his hand up. She takes two steps up to the guy and slaps him right upside the head. “That’s for grabbing my ass!,” and she turns to walk off … and while passing me, playfully slaps me. “What was that for?,”, I said. “That,”, she said, “… was for not grabbing my ass.”. Slap #1.

The second slap was more on the serious side. I do feel really bad about it. Barmaid has made her intentions for me very clear for quite some time now. But I’ve kept her at distance as I stood firm that I was in no position to start anything with anyone. Admittedly, she’s been very patient. We hang out here and there, and things are cool. She’s a wonderfully attractive young lady – a true “hottie”, and working at the bar, she gets hit on all the damn time. To say that it doesn’t stroke my ego a bit that she’s interested would be to lie.

So I’m hanging with my boys. Barmaid had a break, so she walks up to me, takes me by the hand, and leads me. We walked out to the outside area known as the “smoke pit”. There, she lit up … Oi … what a turn-off. I was a little bothered by it. I never knew. She noticed I was a little off, and asked what it was. I told her flat out that there would be no chance in me seeing her at all now that I know she smokes. It’s a promise I made to myself. I will not date anyone that smokes or does drugs. Period. In any case, she was very upset. She tried to argue with me, tried to win me over. Her 15-minute break became a 45-minute break. In the end, she stormed back to the bar. No slap … yet …

So when she got back to the bar, I went back to the boys. I got a ribbed by the guys a bit … but I just laughed it off … They just don’t know, nor do they need to know – besides, you slap-nuts read it here anyhow! Soon after, Di comes around, grabs me and leads me to the back room. We chatted and joked around. She’s pretty cool. Nothing to it, nothing about it, nothing really. After her 15-minute break, she went back to the bar, and I to the boys … yeah, got ribbed … again. Minutes later … Barmaid storms over and slaps me. And she storms off and goes home; leaving her shift early. The manager was not happy with me that night. Slap #2.

The next day, I popped by the bar to see if she was there, apologize as best I could. She wasn’t working. She didn’t show. The manager was not impressed with me by any means. Danny Boy tells me that, from what he could piece together, Di made a comment about having met me and being interested or something of the sort to Barmaid. After that, Barmaid flipped. I felt like shit after I heard that. Last I heard, she’s still furious with me. … *sigh*

On a brighter note, I never knew my site was listed on Google. Apparently, a nice lady punches in no closet solution into the search, and finds my page. Mine was the only page listed. Odd. Anyhow, when I first moved into my place I had some troubles finding a closet solution. This lady, oddly enough from my hometown, identified with my troubles and would like to know how I dealt with it. Ironically, I had just a little bit of time to work on my room this last weekend. Honestly, I was still partially living out of a suitcase until now. So now I’ve got most of it set up now. As promised (as per Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina‘s suggestion), I will post some pictures of it when I’m done. Hopefully, that’ll be next weekend. So, if you’re reading this, Jennie of, I’ll showcase my solution soon! Cheers, to you!

Lastly, I’ve noticed a bit of a problem with my counters. I added one from a little while ago. I starting noticing that my counter seemed to be missing clicks. Its numbers doesn’t seem to keep up with the other. So I contacted them and asked about it. So I’m told, over the last 2 years, my counter should read 12673 hits. There was some error with their counter. However, they won’t fix it because I’m using a free counter and not paying for such “attention”. Well, bite me … I’ll just ditch it all together. Bah …


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