Posted: 11/06/2003 in None

So I spent some time recovering. Ouch. Still have a bit of a shiner on my left eye, and a wee bit of troubles with my hyper-extended knee. I’m working through them. So anyhow, the squad had our team dinner tonight. Kiwi arranged for us to dine in The Humber Room. We start the night with drinks, then a nice mixed greens salad. That was followed by a stuffed chicken on a rice pilaf. We ended the meal with a sweet fruit flan, coffee and tea. The meal was quite nice, and it gave us guys the chance to actually sit as a team. That rarely happens. The core guys show up all the time to various events, but tonight, like last Saturday, most guys came out.

After the dinner, a lot of the guys booked it over to The Rugby House to watch a slide show Toothless put together with various pictures he had taken with his digital camera. The idea was to head on over to Caps. Dean-O, Gabey and I booked it over early to hag some first. I managed to twist KaraBear‘s rubber arm and got her to join us for a drink – which, with more twsiting, became 3 drinks.

I had met KaraBear‘s friends, Georgie and Dawny some weeks ago. Georgie came out with us for some drinks. She’s pretty cool. We spent most of the early part of the night chatting. Last week, I met Di, one of the bartenders at the pub. We had had a nice chat so she recognized me. All night I was getting my drinks “super-sized”. For that, I had to tip her a little more … of which … she decided to “super-duper-size” my drinks … OI! …

When the rest of the guys showed up, we hammed it up big. Lucky for us, we have 2 former rugby boys on staff at the pub, and a number of “cheerleading admirers” on staff as well. We sang rugby songs – and in case you didn’t know … these songs are not only sexist … but pretty damn lude and crude … The pub, was ours. And the people there loved it. Some people asked what was going on, but they wouldn’t understand. We had a wicked night.

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