whoa … homesick

Posted: 10/21/2003 in None

Brighteyes hosted a hot pot at her place lastnight. A good lot of the gang were over. Lucky for me, I soon realized it was the perfect chance to procrastinate! I called up the house after dinner. Clive answered. The phone was passed to Brighteyes

Brighteyes : “Hello?”
Me : “Hey!”
Brighteyes : “We miss you here!”

I tell you, that was nice. I hadn’t talked to her in a good while and I do miss her like crazy. We had a good chat, catching up on things. I was then passed over to Chip; another I hadn’t spoken to in a while. It was so nice to hear his voice. He told me of our friend, Alan’s, wedding (I met Alan years ago at Chinese school; such a small world! I was then filled in on JB and Shar‘s wedding. I felt so bad for missing it. I was told that Nate Dawg, Butt-munch, and Sweetster were all there. I have not seen those guys in years. Later on I had quick chats with Ken and Caesar too, but people were leaving already. I didn’t get to chat with Sans, I-V, or Trish, but I’ll catch them soon.

About two weeks ago, I was checking my mail … no, not my email … but my snail-mail. I know it sounds crazy, but that funny system still works! Anyhow, I got an invitation to a wedding. My good buddy, Bimmer Boy is marrying high school sweetheart, Bern. Bimmer Boy is an amazing guy. He’s one of those guys that never needs to study. It all comes naturally to him. He really has it together. And Bern … well, she’s is incredible. Beautiful, smart, and such a sweetie! I don’t know if the guys will actually admit it, but I would say that most of the guys had a bit of a crush on her at one point back in the day … and most likely at the same time. Bern was like an instant sensation when she was introduced to us at a party hosted by Bimmer Boy. Good on Bimmer Boy for snagging her! She’s a hell of a catch!

As it is almost custom now on my blog, I’ll send out a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Vic. I owe you an apology for not having dropped you a line earlier, but I honestly did not know when your birthday was! But, as you said, I’m now in the know for next time! All in all, it sounded like you had a blast with your friends, so to you I say “Good stuff!”. It seems that your crew of friends are pretty cool.

Well, I checked my email tonight when I got home from practice, and to my surprise … I have an email from Bonehead. I’m almost afraid to read it. In fact, it’s still sitting there unread. I’m betting it’s some retort to my postings, or maybe a final decision on our friendship. Either way, I’m not looking forward to it.

Admittedly, I do worry about some of my other friendships too. I know for a fact that my hardships with Bonehead has been a sore point for a lot of people. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again … I do not mean for it. I do apologize. It is hard to just “keep it between him and me”. Many times, I find that I would come to a friend, most likely a mutual friend, looking for help as to what to do. It was never meant for anyone to have to take up sides, but due to the sensitive nature of the problem some have viewed it in that light. For the record, it was never my intention. I’m glad that some of you have come forward assuring me that whatever be the case, we’re cool, and that I have your support.

Speaking of support, yet another interesting turn in my coaching … Some of the ladies from the college’s rugby club (I say ‘club’ because they are not officially recognized yet) have approached the men’s team for a bit of help. Some of the ladies have never actually played before and would like to practice with us to get a real feel for the game. Our coaches were more than happy to help out, as were the guys. As it turns out, only two of the ladies could make it out today, but they ran with us nonetheless. They enjoyed playing with our high pace and skill level. At the end fo the practice, they approached me and asked if I’d help coach their team.

At this point, I’m not so sure if it would be such a good idea to take on a team. For one, there is only 2 weeks left in the college season – meaning we’ll be busy practicing and aiming to place well in the playoffs. And secondly, I’m going through my midterms right now. I politely told them that if they were seriously interested, to look me up in a couple of weeks. Hmm … I really should get my Level I coaching certification, shouldn’t I? Heck, my old coach always told me I had a head for the game …

“You can take me out of the game … but you can’t take the game out of me.”



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