Posted: 10/21/2003 in None

Let’s see … I just “survived” midterm season … I think. It’s kinda stupid. All the profs decided to drop bombs the last two classes before the midterms. We go 4-5 weeks of simple crap (so simple, in fact, that studying for the midterm would be a waste of time) … only to have to learn *and* master the hard stuff just a day or two before the exam. Bullshit, I tell you …

During the the dreaded midterm season, it was also the crunch-time of our rugby season. Our record wasn’t great. We need another win to secure a spot in the playoffs, and we had two games left. The first being against Sir Standford Fleming College (Peterborough) last Wednesday. On the day, we probably played our best game yet. We deserved that win, but were beaten by several suspect calls by the ref. I must say, our referee was old and out of shape. There is no way you can make me believe that our ref was ever truly in good position to view the play.

This loss means that we must win our our last game against Conestoga College tomorrow. The plan is to for the team to meet in the morning for a big breakfast, then hop on the bus and make the trip out to the Kitchen for the game. Our game plan to to maximize what we’re good at. That means we’re looking to have a ‘rucking good time!

Fact is, our team is more blessed up front that in our back line. As packs go, we can dominate this league. We’ve got one of the most mobile packs, and we can go toe-to-toe with any other pack pound-for-pound for muscle. Our line-outs are our bread and butter. Unfortunately, our coach doesn’t see it that way. As most guys on the team will say … “He’s got a hard-on for the backs.”. Coach is a good guy, and knows his rugby, but the problem is that he’s not a developemental coach. He’s a high-level coach, for players that know the sport already. Our team is featuring a bunch of guys that that have only played for a couple of years, playing in new positions, or never played at all.

Point in question … Scottie and J-Dogg. During practices, these guys will ask the experienced guys questions about things during the play. Coach, not liking the ‘talking’ going on, would send everyone for a run. This does nothing but make the players lose respect for the coach, and ultimately teach nothing. J-Dogg, a former winger, is new to the position of prop. So he’d be asking tons of questions all the time. Scottie is new to the sport. He’s a former b-baller, in shape, with a stride that makes him surprisingly fast. He’s a natural athlete, and has an amazing willingness to learn. Bottom line … does Scottie do? … Scottie does!

Anyhow, last game I was having some more shoulder troubles. KaraBear checked it out and and suggested that I should get it x-rayed. So I did

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