Posted: 10/18/2003 in None

… can’t sleep … wanna, but can’t … piss me right off …

So I’m up chatting with Ken. I miss that guy. He’s so … “real”. He’s always got his head screwed on staight, and I respect that. We’re chatting it up about life, friends … the usual. I gotta catch up on my home town, after all. I know I say it a lot, but it’s true. I miss home. I even miss all of my nice clients.

I hear that BonBon has left for Oz by way of HK. To you, my dear BonBon, have a good one, and be safe. I loved my time down under. The people were friendly, and place was beautiful … and the RUGBY! Oh my … the rugby! … heh … I’m sorry that I won’t catch when I get back into town. I don’t think I ever told you how much I appreciated your coming to my going away shin-dig – thank you! It’s odd to think that I’ve known you some years now, and yet, we never hung out. And perhaps the one time made up for it. I was really glad you came. I wish you well, and a happy stay in the land of the ‘roos. And of course, as previously discussed, you’re always welcome at my place if you’re in town. 🙂

Right now, I get to do something I normally don’t get to do. And by that, I mean relax. I’m actually surfing the net as I please. No, you sickos … I’m not searching for porn … There is some pretty damn funky stuff out there (… no … I’m *NOT* talking about the porn … ); but we all knew that already. I found a nice pic of the blackout that hit the day after I landed here. I must say, my relocating here has had it’s fair share of trials. Of course, most of those trials stem from that damn blackout.

So my brain has been fried lately … I’m right in the middle of mid-term season … and the labs keep coming. I swear the profs have a sick fixation with assigning labwork the period before the exam. Slowly, I’m learning how to code. But between school and rugby, I guess it keeps me out of trouble.

I should really go get some sleep. I’ve been sick on and off … and I don’t really know why


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