Posted: 10/17/2003 in None

As of late, it seems that school and rugby consumes my life. I’m hardly home, and I’m always out with the guys. This would be all fine and dandy if all was going well. But … it’s not. School is boring. Bah … And rugby, well … as much as I love it, it’s starting to get to be a bit of a sore point.

Last week, we played the Sir Standford Fleming College (Lindsay) last Wednesday. Although we won the game 17-15, we did not deserve it. Some of our guys had it in our heads that since they were a weaker team, that it’ll be a cakewalk. Our forwards were not playing as we have been practicing. We were caught flat-footed and our defense was terrible. X-tine had even quoted me in the school newspaper, Humber EtCetera, that we played a “horrible, horrible half of rugby.”. We owe Junior the game. He bailed us out.

Yesterday, we played Niagara College; rather, we lost to them. We were thumped. And we have only ourselves … nay, our backs to blame. The worse part is, this team was one of the worst teams in the league. The forwards got the job done, with a couple of minor mistakes. But our backs were flat-footed, not lined up deep, and not flat on defense. Despite the loss, this was one game I really wanted to play. I knew this would have been a forwards’ game. However, Coach wanted to rest me for the big games and the playoffs. Also, Kiwi wasn’t onhand, so he wanted me to fill in. I was livid on the sidelines. It was … painful to watch.

So my coaching has taken a strange turn. After the game, the captains, Toothless and Dean-O called for a players’ practice for today – with me running the show. After the game, we treated the other team to beers (as is custom). A lot of the guys on the my squad approached me. They asked that I respectfully take a more active part in the coaching of the team. I can’t say that I blame them. Coach is a good guy, and knows a ton about rugby, but the fact remains that he’s not a very good coach. He’d spend 20 minutes explaining a drill, only for nobody to understand what he wants. He’ll design a drill, and try to run it without having quite figured it all out.

I’ve said before that I’ve been lucky that I haven’t gotten the rookie treatment from the veterans. I do believe it’s got a lot to do with the fact I’ve played for 12 years (that’s more than twice the years most of these guys have had) and I’ve competed at a high level in the rugby hotbed of the Great White North. They know I know my stuff. I’m honoured that they’ve come to me for help. However, it puts me in a bind. How do I step in, without stepping on toes?


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