Posted: 10/16/2003 in None

Well, it’s been a while … and I’ve got some things to bitch about … cheer about … talk about … rant about … rave about … so I’ll break it down so that you can pick and choose what you want to read …

People, So Quick To Judge

I’ve done some dumb things in my time; I won’t argue that. But I’m finding that people, whom do not know of what happened, are simply too quick to judge. As per my dealings with Bonehead some time ago, I refrained from comment as we had things in the works. But it is at this time that I should address this since others have seemingly voiced their disapproval of the latest happenings.

Firstly, I have said time and time again, that my posting of my rant was wrong. I stand by that. But, I still stand by the content and the driving force behind what I felt was the need for it. The bottom line is, myself and other have felt that we were being mistreated; not the way a friend should be treating a friend. In the end, when Bonehead and I did talk, I was quite disappointed. It was very obvious to me that he had gone and done his research and had come up with excuses he’ll call his “reasons”. Truthfully, all of his “reasons” were just as predicted by everyone.

By the end of the conversation, we had agreed to try to make things work, and not throw away a long friendship. However, he’d have no part in it. Every time I see him, he’d barely acknowledge my presence. He wouldn’t greet me, nor say good bye, let alone hold much of a conversation. That hurt. I had to make it a point to walk up to him to initiate any contact. Admittedly, I hadn’t called him before he left home for school. Yes, one could say it was my fault. But I was busy with my own move, and I was upset.

Lately, I had been trying to reach him. I left the odd message on ICQ and MSN. I got no response. I figured he had me blocked or on the ignore list. Some effort on his part … I knew his excuse was to blame his software; he’s been using Trillian. With a bit of checking, I did come to see that I was indeed blocked from his list.

Then I did something really stupid. I went and posted a comment on his site, with regards to another individual with whom he and I were once associated with. Perhaps there was confusion there. But nonetheless, I’ve become extremely disappointed that, once again, there was so little effort on his part.

A day later, I get a response on ICQ from him, with a very stand-off’ish tone. Clearly, it was a brush-off. Ouch. It’s interesting how he claims that he “holds no ill will” towards me, and yet he won’t so much as talk to me. What a way to treat a friend …

Frankly, at this point, I figured all was good and fine as this is confined between he and I. That is until others started stating their frustration with this situation. True, it’s no fun sight to watch, but honestly, it’s got nothing to do with you; especially since you don’t really know what’s going on. I apologize for having caused any of you grief. I trust that you know me, and that it would never have been my intention to do so. But hear this – there is a lot to be said for one who has the courage to say what needs to be said. In this particular case, it was never ever made clear what Bonehead‘s decision was regarding our friendship. As far as I’m concerned, it’s cowardly how he’s to expect me to have figured what’s going on in his mind. Please, stand up to your convictions.

Mean It, Or Don’t Say It

It’s been brought to my attention that it is not only I that has been the victim of a lack of respect in this regard. People, why is it that we treat those around us with such little respect? If you say you’ll be somewhere … be there. If you say you’ll do something … do it. If you tell someone to call … be there to take the call. If you’re not interested in doing something … be honest about it.

I’ve always tried my best to do just that. Admittedly, I’ve told the odd white lie, but who hasn’t? Mind you I’d only have done so if the truth would have affected too many people negatively. But for the most part, I pride myself on being upfront and honest … which is more than I can say for some of my associates of the past.

I always give credit where credit is due. Ken is great for calling it as he sees it. He has my utmost respect in that regard. He’ll always speak his mind, and will have his reasons for his decision. Frankly, I can hardly ever remember when anybody has tried to change the minds of either Ken or I. We always explain ourselves and that’s that.

I suppose this is also one of the reasons why I like hanging with my boys from the team. They’re your typical guys, but with them, you know their word stands for something and they’ never back out of it.

Home, Sweet Home

I miss my friends. It’s been tough for me out here. I was reading Meanie‘s blog. She’s in High River, so she booked it home for the long weekend. How I envied that. I wish i could just hop on a plane and fly home.

I was reading about the Edmonoton Oilers retiring Grant Fuhr’s #31, and Fuhr, like most retired athletes, talked about what he missed most – “The biggest thing I miss is going down to the room to see the guys.”. It is so true. Of high school, some of my fondest memories were just sitting around the lunchtable with the guys. And now I look back, I think of those Wings Wednesdays, playing cards and smoking cigarellos with Ken and Caesar … I think of those hot pot nights at Brighteyes‘ with Bonehead and Trish … listening to Chip sing when we go karaoke …

I can’t wait to get home. I miss home dearly. I miss my family … December seems so far away …

Back In The Day …

I swear, I love being back in rugby. It feels so good to be in somewhat good shape. Of course, I’m but … oh, maybe … 25% (at best) of what I was when i was playing in high school. That’s another thing I really miss about home. I miss the high level of competition of rugby. I honestly think my old high school team could beat my college team today. Then again, our team boasted 5 guys that played for Vancouver, 3 for BC, and 2 for Canada at the junior level, and at least several others that could/should have made those teams.

I miss playing with the likes of Hammy, Smitty, Army, and Kres. I was sorry to hear that Hammy had taken some time off from rugby. Otherwise, I’m sure he’d be down in Oz playing in the World Cup. Army deserves to be down there. There is no doubt in my mind. It’s a real shame that he doesn’t have the head for the game.

Now, this guy I’m pretty proud of. Mark Lawson, or “The Beast” as we called him, was a hell of a guy. A true competitor, he was always a great sport to play against. However, coaching him on the Vancouver Under 17 squad was truly a treat. He was the captain, and there was little doubt why. He did it all. And I’m betting that he will be named a captain, if not the next captain of Team Canada.

Sometimes I can’t help but feel shitty about where I’ve landed. Guys I used to played with or against, or coached, are making it big on the national scale. Sometimes I feel I should have been there too. Pat Fleck, Ali Shebani, Ed Fairhurst, John Cannon, Mike Webb …

Oi … *sigh* …

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