Posted: 10/04/2003 in None

You know what’s odd? I’m starting to think that I enjoy maintaining my blog more than the blogging itself. Hmmm … anyhow … For those of you who are the regulars here, you might notice the odd new link, or a change in format … without so much as any sort of posting from me. I’m not one to post a “… meh, too tired to post now … will do it later …”. I’ll admit, I don’t post that often. I don’t let this thing consume my life. But, if I should happen to have an idea to shuffle things around, or a link in mind, i will spend the 5 minutes to make it happen. Frankly, I started this whole thing up to brush up on my HTML skills some time ago.

While we’re on the subject of new things here, I’ve added a couple of links, most notably of Dook‘s and Mitch‘s blogs (including a blog of Mitch’s up-coming trip down to OZ), and the websites for Brighteyes and Jenny-Baby. Both Mitch and Dook are old high school buddies of mine, while Jenny-Baby and Brighteyes or two very special ladies in my life.

Some people have come forward asking me why it is that as of late, I seem only to post of my recent events and not of the deeper thought of mine. Truth is, I’m afraid to now. Seemingly, every time I come forward with my opinion, I see to upset someone. And that bothers me. See, for many years, I was known as “that nice guy”. I swear, there were few people I didn’t get along with. But perhaps that’s when I was more agreeable with people. Perhaps what they say is true, that over time, you slowly weed out your friends. Point is, I don’t take crap from people anymore. I have very high standards when it comes to my friends. If you’re in, good on you. If you don’t make the cut, tough rocks.

In recent years, I’ve lost some friends. Frankly, the more I look at it, the more I think that they just couldn’t cut it – and that’s the bottom line. Try as I did to make things work, they opted out. Whether it be that they couldn’t stand being wrong, simply too embarassed to face the music, couldn’t live up to the truth, or couldn’t face one’s own demons … they plain gave up. Bah. One may read this now and bitch “… words can hurt so much …” … but hear this – ACTIONS (OR LACK THEREOF) DO SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. I *am* hurt. I’ve been bitter for a very long time. Some of these people were very dear friends … and it kills me that they put so little effort into friendships where I would have/had done practically anything for them.

I’m not often wrong, but even when I am, I don’t like admitting it. I am a proud person. But given these circumstances, I did come close caving in, trying to take the hit to make things okay. It took some convincing from some friends, but now I do realize that I shouldn’t. Fuck it. It’s not worth the time or heartache. You’re simply not worth it.

… bah … onto better things …

*So during this last week of school, we learned to stick resistors, switches and wires into breadboards – as such to complete a simple logic test circuit – and watched things blow up*

… now that I’m done with school … onto the fun stuff …

This last week, Coach had scheduled a Monday-Tuesday practice with a Thursday game against Mohawk in Hamilton. However, the squad found that we needed an extra session so we opted for a hard run-through on Wednesday. Coach also decided to rest me for the playoffs so he wanted me to sit out this game and have me help coach. This came as a bit of a shock to me and the team, but we knew that we needed a win to place well for the playoffs so we didn’t care so much; we had work to do.

Mohawk is a ‘pack’ team … and we’re a ‘back’ team. We knew they would try to run us right over. But we were ready. We knew what to expect. Our line-outs are our bread and butter. We didn’t lose one, and we stole plenty of ball. They scored first which padded their ego, but we ran them over and scored right away.

The game got chippy at times since they were frustrated. They pride themselves on being a brutal ‘pack’ team, but they threw everything our way and came up with very little . It was a close game until the half when we were tied up. In the second half, we were on our heels for the most part, but the last bit we ran away with it. We won with a 40-19 margain; seemingly a convincing win if you read the score, but not really the case.

… hmmm .. tired … but time to start dinner …


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