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Pain. That is all …


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I showed up to practice a little early today. Just as I got there, bad news came a walking. Danny Boy and I saw a sorry-looking Franchaise moping about, dragging his feet from the car. “I’m done,”, he said. During our game against Fleming (Peterborough) Franchaise took a goal-line stance on a pop from a maul. The trailer changed directions at the last second and Franchaise caught his knee right on the top of the head. The impact compressed his neck, and fractured a bone. Talk about taking one for the team …

As far as I’m concerned, Franchaise has been a mainstay on the squad and is the team MVP. Never flashy, always steady. He got the job done. It’s as simple as that. I’m no going to lie – it hurts that he won’t be there with us on the field when we head into the playoffs. Anytime we’re out, he’s got a drink on me …

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On Saturday, we started the day with a team breakfast at The Humber Room; the fine dining restaurant which is part of the Food and Beverage Service (Management) Program. We were served fruits, pastries, muffins, scrambled eggs, bacon, back bacon, ham, coffee, tea, and orange juice. It was a hell of a way to start the day and makes for good team bonding. Soon after, we boarded a coach bus (circa … oh, say … 1964) and headed on our way to the Kitchen.

Along the way, someone mentioned that we’d already clinched a playoff berth due to point differential. The captains and some of the more veteran guys (myself included) knew this, but weren’t about to say anything. The reason was that we didn’t want the guys to let up any on the field. But when the cat was let out of the bag … the damage was done. We lost the game, even before we played. So, indeed, we lost our game. We lacked the heart to compete.

When we got back to town, the core of the squad decided to ham it up. Dean-O was bouncing at Cafe Havana, so we decided to meet up there. Problem was, nobody got there – for various reasons … mainly being people getting drunk and couldn’t drive, or getting lost altogether. I was the only guy that showed up. I brought Babydoll and Lilith with me. The night was a bit of a bummer.

The girls went to do some dancing, as I hung with Dean-O for a bit. He was working the back door/hallway area. A bit of an fight broke out, and I was asked to jump in and help. Soon after that, Dean-O‘s boss asked if I’d like a job in security. I figured since I’m an night owl, the money could help. So I said I’d think about it.

Just a little bit before I left the club, I was actually hit on by a little latina hottie. She asked me if I still work at some bar. I said no, I don’t work security. She thought I was working at that bar and that I had left to work elsewhere. Sounds like a line, eh? Well … she then tells me about that bar and that I should drop by and try it out. She’s a regular … blah blah blah … She gives me her name and number … and leaves … I throw the number away and turn to Dean-O … who gives me a look and says “… you dick!”.

Anyhow, I’ve got a full week of rugby practice ahead of me. Coach ran us to the ground today. Before the practice, the coaches and the captains had a hour-long meeting about the squad. They were decided on which guys were key and where some guys would fit. They also decided which guys would be sitting. For the most part, the coaches and captains agreed. But there were some questionable decisions made by Coach.

Anyhow, one of the ladies from the women’s club dropped by. Rugby Chick had some free time, so she came down to the field to watch us practice. She once again asked me to coach the women’s team next year. I still felt that it was too soon to make a decision, so I politely declined to answer. Nonetheless, we went for a beer after the practice.

Tuesday and Thursday are the last practices, with one players’ practice on Wednesday. Time to gear up for the weekend ….

“No pads … No shifts … No time-outs … 2 hookers … 80 minutes … Both ways … That’s rugby …”

– Anonymous

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Ah-Ho picked up this T-shirt for me when he was on tour in Wales and England of the UK last March.

That’s it for now … had to get it out of my system … more to come later …

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Let’s see … I just “survived” midterm season … I think. It’s kinda stupid. All the profs decided to drop bombs the last two classes before the midterms. We go 4-5 weeks of simple crap (so simple, in fact, that studying for the midterm would be a waste of time) … only to have to learn *and* master the hard stuff just a day or two before the exam. Bullshit, I tell you …

During the the dreaded midterm season, it was also the crunch-time of our rugby season. Our record wasn’t great. We need another win to secure a spot in the playoffs, and we had two games left. The first being against Sir Standford Fleming College (Peterborough) last Wednesday. On the day, we probably played our best game yet. We deserved that win, but were beaten by several suspect calls by the ref. I must say, our referee was old and out of shape. There is no way you can make me believe that our ref was ever truly in good position to view the play.

This loss means that we must win our our last game against Conestoga College tomorrow. The plan is to for the team to meet in the morning for a big breakfast, then hop on the bus and make the trip out to the Kitchen for the game. Our game plan to to maximize what we’re good at. That means we’re looking to have a ‘rucking good time!

Fact is, our team is more blessed up front that in our back line. As packs go, we can dominate this league. We’ve got one of the most mobile packs, and we can go toe-to-toe with any other pack pound-for-pound for muscle. Our line-outs are our bread and butter. Unfortunately, our coach doesn’t see it that way. As most guys on the team will say … “He’s got a hard-on for the backs.”. Coach is a good guy, and knows his rugby, but the problem is that he’s not a developemental coach. He’s a high-level coach, for players that know the sport already. Our team is featuring a bunch of guys that that have only played for a couple of years, playing in new positions, or never played at all.

Point in question … Scottie and J-Dogg. During practices, these guys will ask the experienced guys questions about things during the play. Coach, not liking the ‘talking’ going on, would send everyone for a run. This does nothing but make the players lose respect for the coach, and ultimately teach nothing. J-Dogg, a former winger, is new to the position of prop. So he’d be asking tons of questions all the time. Scottie is new to the sport. He’s a former b-baller, in shape, with a stride that makes him surprisingly fast. He’s a natural athlete, and has an amazing willingness to learn. Bottom line … does Scottie do? … Scottie does!

Anyhow, last game I was having some more shoulder troubles. KaraBear checked it out and and suggested that I should get it x-rayed. So I did

whoa … homesick

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Brighteyes hosted a hot pot at her place lastnight. A good lot of the gang were over. Lucky for me, I soon realized it was the perfect chance to procrastinate! I called up the house after dinner. Clive answered. The phone was passed to Brighteyes

Brighteyes : “Hello?”
Me : “Hey!”
Brighteyes : “We miss you here!”

I tell you, that was nice. I hadn’t talked to her in a good while and I do miss her like crazy. We had a good chat, catching up on things. I was then passed over to Chip; another I hadn’t spoken to in a while. It was so nice to hear his voice. He told me of our friend, Alan’s, wedding (I met Alan years ago at Chinese school; such a small world! I was then filled in on JB and Shar‘s wedding. I felt so bad for missing it. I was told that Nate Dawg, Butt-munch, and Sweetster were all there. I have not seen those guys in years. Later on I had quick chats with Ken and Caesar too, but people were leaving already. I didn’t get to chat with Sans, I-V, or Trish, but I’ll catch them soon.

About two weeks ago, I was checking my mail … no, not my email … but my snail-mail. I know it sounds crazy, but that funny system still works! Anyhow, I got an invitation to a wedding. My good buddy, Bimmer Boy is marrying high school sweetheart, Bern. Bimmer Boy is an amazing guy. He’s one of those guys that never needs to study. It all comes naturally to him. He really has it together. And Bern … well, she’s is incredible. Beautiful, smart, and such a sweetie! I don’t know if the guys will actually admit it, but I would say that most of the guys had a bit of a crush on her at one point back in the day … and most likely at the same time. Bern was like an instant sensation when she was introduced to us at a party hosted by Bimmer Boy. Good on Bimmer Boy for snagging her! She’s a hell of a catch!

As it is almost custom now on my blog, I’ll send out a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Vic. I owe you an apology for not having dropped you a line earlier, but I honestly did not know when your birthday was! But, as you said, I’m now in the know for next time! All in all, it sounded like you had a blast with your friends, so to you I say “Good stuff!”. It seems that your crew of friends are pretty cool.

Well, I checked my email tonight when I got home from practice, and to my surprise … I have an email from Bonehead. I’m almost afraid to read it. In fact, it’s still sitting there unread. I’m betting it’s some retort to my postings, or maybe a final decision on our friendship. Either way, I’m not looking forward to it.

Admittedly, I do worry about some of my other friendships too. I know for a fact that my hardships with Bonehead has been a sore point for a lot of people. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again … I do not mean for it. I do apologize. It is hard to just “keep it between him and me”. Many times, I find that I would come to a friend, most likely a mutual friend, looking for help as to what to do. It was never meant for anyone to have to take up sides, but due to the sensitive nature of the problem some have viewed it in that light. For the record, it was never my intention. I’m glad that some of you have come forward assuring me that whatever be the case, we’re cool, and that I have your support.

Speaking of support, yet another interesting turn in my coaching … Some of the ladies from the college’s rugby club (I say ‘club’ because they are not officially recognized yet) have approached the men’s team for a bit of help. Some of the ladies have never actually played before and would like to practice with us to get a real feel for the game. Our coaches were more than happy to help out, as were the guys. As it turns out, only two of the ladies could make it out today, but they ran with us nonetheless. They enjoyed playing with our high pace and skill level. At the end fo the practice, they approached me and asked if I’d help coach their team.

At this point, I’m not so sure if it would be such a good idea to take on a team. For one, there is only 2 weeks left in the college season – meaning we’ll be busy practicing and aiming to place well in the playoffs. And secondly, I’m going through my midterms right now. I politely told them that if they were seriously interested, to look me up in a couple of weeks. Hmm … I really should get my Level I coaching certification, shouldn’t I? Heck, my old coach always told me I had a head for the game …

“You can take me out of the game … but you can’t take the game out of me.”


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“God bless the internet”

Eddie Kaye Thomas as Paul Finch in “American Pie

I don’t know how life would be like without the internet. Hell, I can’t even remember much before the internet was the norm. Wait … there was that BBS thingy going on … hmmm … Anyhow, being the jock that I was, I was always out playing sports and hanging with friends … Either way, I find it to be a wonderful release for my daily stress that is life. I tell you … this is one dawg that’s pooped by the end of that day …

I just noticed that Ken‘s got a little comment section up on his blog now, and Caesar (being the keen one that he is) has already dropped a line. I’m kinda glad that we’re one big happy internet-linked family. I mean, in this day and age, it can be damn near impossible to get a hold of each other via phone. This, within the same city, let alone across the bloody continent.

I love the fact that I can come home and check my email to see that a friend has emailed me. I love the fact that even late at night, my friends are just a few clicks away on IM’s. Mind you, I say it should never replace the telephone for delivering important information, or bad news.