Posted: 09/28/2003 in None

Time for a little housecleaning …

First, a very much delayed word of congratulations to my good buddy JB on his marriage to Shar. My apologies for my tardiness, but I had really wanted to call you guys first. However, being 3 hours ahead of my beloved “Left Coast”, the timing was never right. So, all the best to you two!

Secondly, an update on my place here. Lilith and I have been spending some time together lately, milling about, doing chores, and running errands. It seems like it’s been almost a lifetime that we’ve been here, as supposed to just over a month. My room is still a mess. With whatever little time I’ve had, I’ve tried to find the right tools to set up my Stolmen wardrobe system from Ikea. Problem is, the system needs to be secured either by drilling into the ceiling or by using bracket drilled into the walls. Originally, I was going to drill into the ceiling. That is … until I realized I’m dealing with concrete. Great. So I try securing the brackets onto the wall. I knew the studs would be metal, so I used anchors for the drywall instead. Now, the problem is that where I want to anchor my brackets, is where all the damn studs are. Perfect. Finally, with a lot of fudging, I finally got the posts up and ready for the shelves, drawers and whatnot. Now only if my shoulder would get better soon, so I can lift, move and assemble my stuff …

So yeah, my shoulder is still bugging me. I’ll have to drop by the clinic to see KaraBear to have a check-up. I’m still getting a slightly numb feeling running down my arm. That can’t be a good thing. Especially since I’m due to start on Thursday again Mohawk College.

At the kegger, Kingpin tells me he thinks it’ll boil down to he and I as the starting props. I hope it’s true because the unit of he, Dean-O and I work really well together. We get nice and low; just the way it ought to be played.

Oh … the kegger … What a great night … We had 3 kegs for the night. Not enough really, but what the hey! The guys tapped in at 5PM and we were down a keg by 8PM. The guys were having a great time and our ladies were enjoy it. Guys were “shooting the boot” … we had the “veterans vs. the rookies” boat races … Good times …

Some crazy stuff happened too. Anger was nicknamed “Tweeder” after he rode in the bus wearing a cowboy hat, making him resemble Scott Caan in Varsity Blues. Danny Boy dared him to streak the house naked and only wearing his hat … and he did. “Jean”Paul” talked some girls into making out … with each other. Man, Toothless had better send me those pictures!

Come 12.30AM, we were dry. We were looking to move the party over to Caps, or J.J. Muggs or something, but it never happened. Instead, Toothless, Scapegoat, Davy, ‘rik and I booted it to grab some pizza. We called it a night around 2.30AM. But it was fun.

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. Vic booked it up from Philly to get his car. I met up with him at Yorkdale and he came over for a bit. Checked out my place. He seemed to like it. We checked over his car. The usual. He had to run and meet up with his buddy he’s staying with but he plans to be back up this way for American Thanksgiving.

After Vic left, I just got some work done. Clean my place (as best I could, given my shoulder). Helped Lilith install her shelf .. blah blah blah … Later on at night I had a nice chat with Milkmaid. It’s always fun chatting with her. … so young … so *fresh*

So yeah, my place is coming along … and it’s starting to feel like home. But it is missing some thing – friends. Okay, I don’t often ask for much of my friends, but this one time I’m asking … SEND PICTURES! I’d love to have some friendly faces around to look at! (Okay, Caesar, I’ll look at your ugly mug too … 😛 …) … or posters of home! Oh, how I miss the mountains! Zed knows what I’m talking about, don’t you!? Before I left, Mitch was kind enough give me a gift of a scenic calendar of Vancouver; a gift I’m very thankful for.

Fact is, TO, is not a very nice city to look at. I mean, the nighttime cityscape is nice and all … but they don’t have the mountains or water. They have hills they think they consider ski hills. And the liquid (Yes, liquid! Not water!) they have in that lake is disgusting.

So, if you guys have anything of the sort, please send my way:

78 Harrison Garden Blvd.
Suite 514
Toronto, ON M2N 7E2

And here’s where I get to welcome a good friend of mine onto the blogging craze bandwagon. Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina now has her own blog. I do believe her rant was that this blogging world is male dominated. Honey, what are you smoking?! There are tons of lady bloggers out there … In fact, I’ll be making it a point to list out some of those that I do read …

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