Posted: 09/28/2003 in None

As of 5:55AM EST, I submitted the following comment on Bonehead‘s blog in response to his Saturday, September 27, 2003 posting:

Who you are: Warren Shum

No nicknames, no hiding; it’s me. Perhaps now you know how it feels to try, and try, and try in vain. You should move on. Not long ago, I learned that sometimes you have to move on and now I’m doing so, though very reluctantly. I have you to thank for that. Do yourself a favour and do as I’m doing now – drop the dead weight.

Yeah, delete this posting … I dare you … I expect you to … prove me wrong …

I am seriously curious whether he’ll scramble to delete it, or just leave it there … or better yet … have a comeback for it … I do wonder …

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