Posted: 09/25/2003 in None

Let’s see … during this last week … not much happened … meh …

Today, though … different story … last night I stayed up *way* too late and barely woke up in time for school today. No that school was terribly fun anyhow. But we did have a game against Georgian College up in Barrie in the late afternoon. So we hopped on the coach bus and spent an hour heading to out game.

The bus ride was comfortable to say the least. The boys are always good company. I lounged about with Dean-O, Kingpin, Danny Boy, J-Dogg, and Junior. We were all pumped. We did not like losing, and last week’s loss is still fresh in out minds.

We came out strong. Hell, even I was running the ball up the field. Literally, they were afraid of us. They couldn’t tackle us one-on-one … they needed 2-4 guys to do it. However, the game can get chippy at times … especially when you have a ref like the one we had today. I think evolution had more pace than he did. This guy couldn’t keep up with the play at all; and his calls were terrible. On one ruck the ball popped out the side. I pounched on it, but had some idiot from the other team kneel on my head. Then *I* get called for a penalty for intensionally grounding the ball … bullshit!.

My head hurt like a bitch. Our medical trainer/therapist, KaraBear, rushed out to see if I was okay, knowing that I had already suffer a big suckerpunch to the head last game. I was fine. I got up and was ready. The penalty was tapped through the mark and a rush came on. The ball carrier was looking for me, figuring that I was the weak one. I was pissed … so I charged right at him.

I smoked him … and 4 of his teammates. I leveled them all out. … but, I collided with him shoulder on shoulder. Upon impact, my arm went limp … numb … As the teams clashed and mauled for the ball … I could see my arm in front of me, but I could not feel it, or my shoulder. For a while, I thought I had broken my collar bone or something. That feeling of fear was indescribable. KaraBear rushed out again. And some of the boys did too. Everyone knows me as a tough sucker that wouldn’t go out unless it was serious. But they also saw that hit.

“I was on the sideline … and *I* felt that hit,” ‘rik said … “I think that was the hardest hit I’ve ever seen,” said Danny Boy“Don’t worry, Warz … when you were helped off the field, 2 of their guys were still on the ground,” Coach tells me.

Turns out, I was fine. I just had a “stinger”. KaraBear carefully examined my shoulder … made sure nothing was broken or fractured … Nothing was wrong with the joint itself either. That just pissed me off more. I wanted back in the game. The laws state that a player that comes off the field due to injury cannot come back on the field. Shit.

Anyhow, we won the game, but it wasn’t pretty. We began to see more weaknesses in our game, holes that need to be filled. After the game both teams met up at a local restaurant called Filthy McNasty’s for some beer and wings. Ironically, it was the choosen place for dinner of a football team. We had a great time, singing rugby songs, chugging beers, munching on wings … hitting on, well, any females around … 😉 The footballers, on the other hand, all showed up wearing their jersey’s … all bright orange. They looked like Hallowe’en displays gone wrong. Needless to say, they could do little more than watch us ham it up.

Which leads me to this quote:

“Football (soccer) is a gentlemen’s sport, played by hooligans. Rugby is a hooligan sport, played by gentlemen. And American Football? … well, that’s just barbaric …”

So we head back to school … where the team decided to actually celebrate our win … by going to … where else? … but Caps.

During these last few weeks, X-tine has been covering our sqaud for the school newspaper. And Scapegoat‘s been greasing the wheels on her. We’ve got a poll going … most guys think he’s moved beyond the “hit it” stage, and moved right into the “friend” domain. The guys have been ragging on him for a him for a while. “Hey, Scapegoat, aren’t you going to introduce us to your FRIEND?”.

We were joking around all night, and I one point, I was sitting next to Scapegoat. I was going to move my hand back to tap him on the back of the head, but acidentally hit X-tine who was just leaning in. I jumped up and apologized … gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Of course, the guys made remarks like “… man, in 3 seconds, you got more play from her than Scapegoat has in 3 weeks!”

So, they labelled me the cock block for the night. Great. On a brighter note … Barmaid was working tonight. She popped by and dropped off a Corona for me. “It’s on me!” she said. Rumour has it she’s been asking about me … meh .. whatever …

We had our round of drinks, and called it a night. I was sending Camster, Dean-O, Kingpin, and Gabey home. We decided to stop by a McDonald’s as we were all hungry. I swear we spent close to 20 minutes there figuring out our order … no thanks to Gabey. Anyhow … sent everyone home … end of story …

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