Posted: 09/13/2003 in None

Caesar was right; I’m loving the college life. *BUT* … it’s so easy to get myself is so much trouble. Let’s start with the “VARSITY” aspect …

Yesterday was a long day. It started with class at 8AM. That went through to ~4PM. Then the fun began … We had photos taken; headshots for whatever reason. Humber is pretty proud of their athletes. They tend to post up pictures of all of the current athletes. After that, there’s the team photo on the field.

That ran through to ~5PM. We ran a practice until 7PM, when the team was scheduled to meet with the school’s athletic director. We had to fill out some forms, and we were run through the “… you’re representing the school … blah blah blah … so don’t go do anything stupid … like hazing the rookies (too much) …” … At the end of the meeting, came the free stuff. Every member of the team received a sports bag (embroidered with “Humber Rugby”), a warm-up track suit, a water bottle, and our uniform shorts and socks. Now, the bag is a little small … and kinda gay. It has a little fanny pack that zips onto the side, and a little dinky backpack that zips on the end of the bag. The track suits are pretty budget, but hey … it’s cool. But the major incentive is the 3-in-1 jacket that we get if we make the league finals …

The school policy is that these jackets should only be made available to those teams competing into the “cold months” … by that, they mean November. The rugby finals are at the end of October, running into November. Either way, it’s been decided that the jacket is a perk … winning the whole damn thing is the prize.

Now … the night out … I was the first to get to the bus for the McMaster game. The second guy admitted that he believed he was the youngest guy on the team. Somewhere along the way, I was teasing him and called him “Junior” during the warm-up. Somehow, the name stuck. The kid is fresh out of high school and is only 18. His birthday is next week … on the same day as our game against Seneca.

And now the party aspect …

So anyhow, a bunch of the guys lived together. Last year all 6 guys played rugby. This year, 5 guys tried out and 4 made the team. Their place has been termed “The Rugby House”. Danny Boy, Hugh, Scapegoat and ‘rik invited all of the guys over. I was hanging with KingPin so we decided to go … and we dragged out Junior. J-Dogg and our captain, Toothless, came out too. We drank … and joked … and drank … and teased Junior … and drank …

By 10PM, Junior was hammered. I was tipsy. So far, so good. We then decided to hit a bar called J. J. Muggs at Woodbine Centre. This is the place to be around those parts. Everybody was there … Pretty Boy, Harlem, Gabey, Mikey … and a load of guys that didn’t make the team … and people you see around campus …

The problem was, Junior is a minor. Everyone seemed to be worried about it. Oddly, I was the only one not worried. I walked straight up to the bouncer …

Me : “Hey, how’s the action tonight?”
Bouncer : “It’s looking pretty tight.”
Me : “Look, I’ve got a rugby team and their ladies … about 40 people … looking to party. You think you can get us in?”
Bouncer : “Sure … jump the line, but I need to see some ID.”
Me : “Listen, I’ve got one … he’s 6 days away … What do you say?”
Bouncer : [stares me down]
Me : [didn’t flinch]
Bouncer : “Keep an eye on him … and I didn’t let you in.”
Me : [shakes Bouncer’s hand] “Thank you, buddy. Let’s go, guys.”

And so, I lead a whole load of people into the bar. It was cool. After that, I had all my drinks bought for me by the team. I may be the only rookie on the team that won’t be hazed or initiated. The guys seem to really respect me … or respect their elders, I suppose.

So the rest of the night was fun. Rounds of drinks … Watched Junior get completely sloshed. Pretty Boy and both of the Alex‘s in our crew signed up for the amatuer male stripper competition. I left early as I had class the next day, but I’m told by the end of the night, Junior wandered off and disappeared. When the bar closed, the guys found Junior passed out in one of those huge flower pots outside of the mall.

He ended up crashing over at the The Rugby House, as did KingPin. Junior was thoroughly fucked up last night. Last count … lost 3 beers, spilled 2, busted a picture frame, and prayed to the porcelain gods no less than 3 times. And we’ve promised him it’s just a warm-up for his birthday, after we pound Seneca. into the ground.

… so yeah … heheheh … more to come …


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