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Posted: 09/11/2003 in None

So I pass by the campus pub, Caps, yesterday … I stop to check out a posting on the bulletin board. It read “Help Wanted for staff on the floor and at the door.” The next thing I know, I’ve got the manager of the pub rushing up to me.

Manager : “You’re hired!”
Me: “Excuse me?”<
Manager : “You’re hired! When can you start?”
Me : “Um … excuse me?”
Manager : “You looking for a job? Well, you’ve found one. You’re a rugby player, right?”
Me : “Yeah … why?”
Manager : “Then you are experienced. You can start this weekend …”

And so, I’ve found a job. Only problem is, between school and rugby, I already have very little time to myself. Add on a job as doorman/bouncer/security at the pub, and I’ll have ZERO time. Moreover, it’ll mean that I live at school … brutal … I told the manager I’d get back to him on that.

So anyhow, I made the rugby team. The team was posted today. Unfortunately, the guys I got to know during the trials (“Cup Boy”, “Trippy”, and “Heat Stroke”) didn’t make it. It’s too bad for them; they’re all good guys. But the guys I’m with are all pretty cool. We had a meeting today and went over some things. Found that “team direction” to work with.

I feel so old hanging with those boys. For the most part, I’m at least 4-6 years their senior. And as I’m working off 6+ years of rust … needless to say that I have troubles keeping up with them. Coach and the assistant Kiwi have flat-out told me that the reason I’ve made the team is that I’ve got the most experience on the team, and that my skills are right up there … but I need to work on my fitness. No kidding … But it’s been coming along.

After a week of ruggers, I can already feel the difference. When I relocated to TO, the heat was enough to have me shed a few pounds. But with the added exercise, I’ve been feeling great … despite the aches and pains. My stomach is more trim … my pants are too big … the definition was returned in my arms, legs and pecs …

… and I shaved my head. I had it with spending time to fix my hair in the morning … I just plain chopped it all off. I’m down to 3mm … a full buzz all around. And I’ve grown a bit of a foomanchu-goatee. I’m told I look pretty menacing. Started staring guys twice my size down on the field, and knowing that they’re shitting their pants. It’s fucking awesome!

The program at Humber is brand new. This is only the second year. But they’ve already started a tradition of using nicknames. They’re still narrowing one down for me. Right now, we’re looking at “Oriental Express”“BulletTrain”“Sumo”“Bat Fastard” … and “Odd-Job” (or “OJ”). “BulletTrain” and “Sumo” don’t really fit as I’m not Japanese … so I think it’ll either be “Oriental Express” or “Odd-Job”.

We played an exhibition game against the McMaster University 2nd XV yesterday as a part of our last try-out. We got our asses kicked 6 days from Sunday. But, despite the fact that these university guys have been playing 2-6 years together, with the benefit of a “summer camp” – us, on the other hand, have 2-year programs and a bunch of guys that have never played rugby before – their coach tells us the team was quite surprised at our defense and our ability to really dish out a tackle.

I think we’ve got enough talent and skill to really build a team this year. So I’m told, the team was seriously lacking last year. Injuries hampered the team so much that it got to the point where the team started recruiting at Caps

Team : “Can you run?”
Guy : “Yeah …”
Team : “Can you catch a ball?”
Guy : “Sure …”
Team : “You wanna play some rugby?”

The team was known as “The Walking Wounded”. Every other guy had some sort of injury … Oi …

Next week, we play Seneca College, the reigning league champs. They’re supposed to be the team to beat. Damn … I’m starting to think I should have gone there instead. They just got a shit-load of funding for their program. And of course, I find this out after I decided NOT to go there … Oi …

So anyhow … that’s been my week in a nutshell … Yes, I have been a little behind in my postings … *ahem!* Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina! … Then again, I didn’t know so many people actually read my blog. And I’m not one to make like everyone reads my blog, forcing me to post something everyday. I do have others things to do too. Mind you, you’re not the only one out there, girlie … Others have mentioned it too … I just figured that I’ll just get my jabs in when I can … ;-P

I had a nice break when God-Twin came in for a visit on the weekend. I love spending time with her. She’s incredible. It’s insane how we manage to talk so much … on a relatively regularly basis … and yet we manage to have so much to catch up on and talk about whenever we see each other.

And Vic *should* be coming up from “The City of Brotherly Love” for a visit … and to pick up his pimpin’ ride. Man, what’s the word on that?

Oh well … I really should get on cleaning up this site again … it’s getting boring … Any suggestions? … And no … No porn, you … hmmm … well … *maybe* … ;-]

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