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Time for a little housecleaning …

First, a very much delayed word of congratulations to my good buddy JB on his marriage to Shar. My apologies for my tardiness, but I had really wanted to call you guys first. However, being 3 hours ahead of my beloved “Left Coast”, the timing was never right. So, all the best to you two!

Secondly, an update on my place here. Lilith and I have been spending some time together lately, milling about, doing chores, and running errands. It seems like it’s been almost a lifetime that we’ve been here, as supposed to just over a month. My room is still a mess. With whatever little time I’ve had, I’ve tried to find the right tools to set up my Stolmen wardrobe system from Ikea. Problem is, the system needs to be secured either by drilling into the ceiling or by using bracket drilled into the walls. Originally, I was going to drill into the ceiling. That is … until I realized I’m dealing with concrete. Great. So I try securing the brackets onto the wall. I knew the studs would be metal, so I used anchors for the drywall instead. Now, the problem is that where I want to anchor my brackets, is where all the damn studs are. Perfect. Finally, with a lot of fudging, I finally got the posts up and ready for the shelves, drawers and whatnot. Now only if my shoulder would get better soon, so I can lift, move and assemble my stuff …

So yeah, my shoulder is still bugging me. I’ll have to drop by the clinic to see KaraBear to have a check-up. I’m still getting a slightly numb feeling running down my arm. That can’t be a good thing. Especially since I’m due to start on Thursday again Mohawk College.

At the kegger, Kingpin tells me he thinks it’ll boil down to he and I as the starting props. I hope it’s true because the unit of he, Dean-O and I work really well together. We get nice and low; just the way it ought to be played.

Oh … the kegger … What a great night … We had 3 kegs for the night. Not enough really, but what the hey! The guys tapped in at 5PM and we were down a keg by 8PM. The guys were having a great time and our ladies were enjoy it. Guys were “shooting the boot” … we had the “veterans vs. the rookies” boat races … Good times …

Some crazy stuff happened too. Anger was nicknamed “Tweeder” after he rode in the bus wearing a cowboy hat, making him resemble Scott Caan in Varsity Blues. Danny Boy dared him to streak the house naked and only wearing his hat … and he did. “Jean”Paul” talked some girls into making out … with each other. Man, Toothless had better send me those pictures!

Come 12.30AM, we were dry. We were looking to move the party over to Caps, or J.J. Muggs or something, but it never happened. Instead, Toothless, Scapegoat, Davy, ‘rik and I booted it to grab some pizza. We called it a night around 2.30AM. But it was fun.

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. Vic booked it up from Philly to get his car. I met up with him at Yorkdale and he came over for a bit. Checked out my place. He seemed to like it. We checked over his car. The usual. He had to run and meet up with his buddy he’s staying with but he plans to be back up this way for American Thanksgiving.

After Vic left, I just got some work done. Clean my place (as best I could, given my shoulder). Helped Lilith install her shelf .. blah blah blah … Later on at night I had a nice chat with Milkmaid. It’s always fun chatting with her. … so young … so *fresh*

So yeah, my place is coming along … and it’s starting to feel like home. But it is missing some thing – friends. Okay, I don’t often ask for much of my friends, but this one time I’m asking … SEND PICTURES! I’d love to have some friendly faces around to look at! (Okay, Caesar, I’ll look at your ugly mug too … 😛 …) … or posters of home! Oh, how I miss the mountains! Zed knows what I’m talking about, don’t you!? Before I left, Mitch was kind enough give me a gift of a scenic calendar of Vancouver; a gift I’m very thankful for.

Fact is, TO, is not a very nice city to look at. I mean, the nighttime cityscape is nice and all … but they don’t have the mountains or water. They have hills they think they consider ski hills. And the liquid (Yes, liquid! Not water!) they have in that lake is disgusting.

So, if you guys have anything of the sort, please send my way:

78 Harrison Garden Blvd.
Suite 514
Toronto, ON M2N 7E2

And here’s where I get to welcome a good friend of mine onto the blogging craze bandwagon. Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina now has her own blog. I do believe her rant was that this blogging world is male dominated. Honey, what are you smoking?! There are tons of lady bloggers out there … In fact, I’ll be making it a point to list out some of those that I do read …


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As of 5:55AM EST, I submitted the following comment on Bonehead‘s blog in response to his Saturday, September 27, 2003 posting:

Who you are: Warren Shum

No nicknames, no hiding; it’s me. Perhaps now you know how it feels to try, and try, and try in vain. You should move on. Not long ago, I learned that sometimes you have to move on and now I’m doing so, though very reluctantly. I have you to thank for that. Do yourself a favour and do as I’m doing now – drop the dead weight.

Yeah, delete this posting … I dare you … I expect you to … prove me wrong …

I am seriously curious whether he’ll scramble to delete it, or just leave it there … or better yet … have a comeback for it … I do wonder …

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Let’s see … during this last week … not much happened … meh …

Today, though … different story … last night I stayed up *way* too late and barely woke up in time for school today. No that school was terribly fun anyhow. But we did have a game against Georgian College up in Barrie in the late afternoon. So we hopped on the coach bus and spent an hour heading to out game.

The bus ride was comfortable to say the least. The boys are always good company. I lounged about with Dean-O, Kingpin, Danny Boy, J-Dogg, and Junior. We were all pumped. We did not like losing, and last week’s loss is still fresh in out minds.

We came out strong. Hell, even I was running the ball up the field. Literally, they were afraid of us. They couldn’t tackle us one-on-one … they needed 2-4 guys to do it. However, the game can get chippy at times … especially when you have a ref like the one we had today. I think evolution had more pace than he did. This guy couldn’t keep up with the play at all; and his calls were terrible. On one ruck the ball popped out the side. I pounched on it, but had some idiot from the other team kneel on my head. Then *I* get called for a penalty for intensionally grounding the ball … bullshit!.

My head hurt like a bitch. Our medical trainer/therapist, KaraBear, rushed out to see if I was okay, knowing that I had already suffer a big suckerpunch to the head last game. I was fine. I got up and was ready. The penalty was tapped through the mark and a rush came on. The ball carrier was looking for me, figuring that I was the weak one. I was pissed … so I charged right at him.

I smoked him … and 4 of his teammates. I leveled them all out. … but, I collided with him shoulder on shoulder. Upon impact, my arm went limp … numb … As the teams clashed and mauled for the ball … I could see my arm in front of me, but I could not feel it, or my shoulder. For a while, I thought I had broken my collar bone or something. That feeling of fear was indescribable. KaraBear rushed out again. And some of the boys did too. Everyone knows me as a tough sucker that wouldn’t go out unless it was serious. But they also saw that hit.

“I was on the sideline … and *I* felt that hit,” ‘rik said … “I think that was the hardest hit I’ve ever seen,” said Danny Boy“Don’t worry, Warz … when you were helped off the field, 2 of their guys were still on the ground,” Coach tells me.

Turns out, I was fine. I just had a “stinger”. KaraBear carefully examined my shoulder … made sure nothing was broken or fractured … Nothing was wrong with the joint itself either. That just pissed me off more. I wanted back in the game. The laws state that a player that comes off the field due to injury cannot come back on the field. Shit.

Anyhow, we won the game, but it wasn’t pretty. We began to see more weaknesses in our game, holes that need to be filled. After the game both teams met up at a local restaurant called Filthy McNasty’s for some beer and wings. Ironically, it was the choosen place for dinner of a football team. We had a great time, singing rugby songs, chugging beers, munching on wings … hitting on, well, any females around … 😉 The footballers, on the other hand, all showed up wearing their jersey’s … all bright orange. They looked like Hallowe’en displays gone wrong. Needless to say, they could do little more than watch us ham it up.

Which leads me to this quote:

“Football (soccer) is a gentlemen’s sport, played by hooligans. Rugby is a hooligan sport, played by gentlemen. And American Football? … well, that’s just barbaric …”

So we head back to school … where the team decided to actually celebrate our win … by going to … where else? … but Caps.

During these last few weeks, X-tine has been covering our sqaud for the school newspaper. And Scapegoat‘s been greasing the wheels on her. We’ve got a poll going … most guys think he’s moved beyond the “hit it” stage, and moved right into the “friend” domain. The guys have been ragging on him for a him for a while. “Hey, Scapegoat, aren’t you going to introduce us to your FRIEND?”.

We were joking around all night, and I one point, I was sitting next to Scapegoat. I was going to move my hand back to tap him on the back of the head, but acidentally hit X-tine who was just leaning in. I jumped up and apologized … gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Of course, the guys made remarks like “… man, in 3 seconds, you got more play from her than Scapegoat has in 3 weeks!”

So, they labelled me the cock block for the night. Great. On a brighter note … Barmaid was working tonight. She popped by and dropped off a Corona for me. “It’s on me!” she said. Rumour has it she’s been asking about me … meh .. whatever …

We had our round of drinks, and called it a night. I was sending Camster, Dean-O, Kingpin, and Gabey home. We decided to stop by a McDonald’s as we were all hungry. I swear we spent close to 20 minutes there figuring out our order … no thanks to Gabey. Anyhow … sent everyone home … end of story …

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So we lost yesterday. But Seneca didn’t beat us. We did a damn fine job of beating ourselves. Not sitting on excuses, but fact was, our team had only been together for less than a week. We made stupid mistakes, and it cost us. Boohoo …

Anyhow, we were trying to win it for Junior, seeing as it was his birthday. The celebration would have been fun had we won, but getting him totally shit-faced would have been a hell of a night anyway. Unfortunately, mommy and daddy called and ordered our little Junior home. I was told he was near tears when he asked Toothless to drop him off at the bus depot. Shitty deal …

I booked it home, showered up and headed out to The Rugby House to meet up with the guys. The usual guys were there; seemingly all the veterans like Toothless, Danny Boy, Hugh, ‘rik, Kingpin, Dean-O, Scapegoat and Gabey. These guys seem to be the core crew, and they’ve taken on guys like me, Junior, J-Dogg, and Davy as one of their own. We’ve become a pretty tight crew already. We hung for a couple of hours, then found ourselves at Caps to drown our sorrows.

I had an interesting experience at Caps. Kingpin has “Yellow Fever” … big time. And there was this hot little bar tender working that night. She looked to be half Japanese and half Caucasian. Kinda short, but had all the right curves in all the right places. This girl was ‘yummy’. Kingpin turned to me with a nod … “Yo …. wingman …”.

So I walked over and started chatting it up with this girl. Nothing big; just small talk. Kingpin walks over and makes his move. “I’ve got a boyfriend,” she mentions. Shot down. Kingpin grabs me and the beer and head back to the table.

5 minutes later, our little barmaid walks over and taps me on the shoulder. “Can I see you at the bar for a sec?”. So I walked over with her. The guys were wondering what was going on.

Barmaid : “What are you doing with these guys?”
Me : “They’re my team.”
Barmaid : “No, I mean, I can tell that you have so much more class and sophistication than these guys. You’re a good guy. What are you doing with them?”
Me : “They’re my rugby team. We lost our game, looking to slam a few back.”
Barmaid : “Oh yeah … I watch you guys practice.”
Me : “I’ve never noticed you before …”
Barmaid : “Oh, I live in the condos that overlook the fields. I watch you guys all the time.”
Me : “You a rugby fan?”
Barmaid : “A bit … been meaning to get to know the game better.”
Me : “You ought to come on out and watch some of our practices or games. I know that Kingpin there …”
Barmaid : “… whatever … your buddy’s got yellow fever, eh?”
Me : “Well … yeah … Sorry about that.”
Barmaid : “Nah, I’m used to it.”
Me : “So, how often do you get hit on anyhow?”
Barmaid : “A lot … too many … It wouldn’t be so bad if they were the right guys, you know?”
Me : “I hear ya’. It’s okay. He knows you’ve got a boyfriend.”
Barmaid : [smiles] “That line always works.”
Me : [pauses] “You *do* have a boyfriend, right?”
Barmaid : [winks] “… yeah …”
Me : “Ah … fair enough … ” [walks back towards the table]
Barmaid : “By the way … I’m ‘Barmaid’.”
Me : Warz[shakes Barmaid‘s hand]
Barmaid : “See you tomorrow night then.”
Me : “Tomorrow night?”
Barmaid : “Yeah, it’s First Pub Night @ Caps. All the varsity teams are supposed to be here.”
Me : “Oh … tomorrow night then …”

I hit the table. “Did she ask about me?”, Kingpin asks. Sorry. No such luck. “She’s chatting you up … you gonna hit it tonight?”. All the guys are teasing at this point. “No … nah … c’mon, guys … no … seriously … fuck, guys! … NO! …” I barked … “… besides, a gentleman would never tell … so you think there’s any chance I’d tell you shitheads?!”.

Just then, Barmaid brings us a round of drinks on the house. “Hey guys,” she points at me and says, “This is a good one … don’t corrupt him.”. And she walks back to the bar. Warz is so getting his knob polished!” the team barks. The dickheads even toasted to it!

So anyhow … it just begs the question … am I such a goodie-goodie? For someone to just pick me out like that … ??? Odd …

Near the end of the night, I had to book it early as I had class the next day. Kingpin was catching a ride with me. Dean-O was plastered, so I figured I’d send him home. I knew Gabey was on the way, so he hopped a ride with me too. The four or us piled in my car and took off. Got everybody home … Dean-O had his technocolour yawn the moment he stepped into his place. So I’m told, not so much a pretty sight for his roomie the next morning.

Got home, the effects of the game are starting to hit me. Sore shoulders, stiff neck … and 6 blisters the size nickles on my heels. Dammit. Should have broken in my new Canterbury Kaha‘s better before the game. Now I can’t even walk straight.

So some people out there have asked why it is that I tend to write about my rugby and partying … and nothing about school. Well, frankly, school has been pretty damn boring. Not much is happening, and to write about that would be a waste of very little time … little time, but a waste nonetheless. And with that in mind, I’ll leave you with this quote as I think it sums it up best …

“When was the last time 70,000 people came to watch a chemistry experiment?”

James Caan as Coach Winters in “The Program

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Caesar was right; I’m loving the college life. *BUT* … it’s so easy to get myself is so much trouble. Let’s start with the “VARSITY” aspect …

Yesterday was a long day. It started with class at 8AM. That went through to ~4PM. Then the fun began … We had photos taken; headshots for whatever reason. Humber is pretty proud of their athletes. They tend to post up pictures of all of the current athletes. After that, there’s the team photo on the field.

That ran through to ~5PM. We ran a practice until 7PM, when the team was scheduled to meet with the school’s athletic director. We had to fill out some forms, and we were run through the “… you’re representing the school … blah blah blah … so don’t go do anything stupid … like hazing the rookies (too much) …” … At the end of the meeting, came the free stuff. Every member of the team received a sports bag (embroidered with “Humber Rugby”), a warm-up track suit, a water bottle, and our uniform shorts and socks. Now, the bag is a little small … and kinda gay. It has a little fanny pack that zips onto the side, and a little dinky backpack that zips on the end of the bag. The track suits are pretty budget, but hey … it’s cool. But the major incentive is the 3-in-1 jacket that we get if we make the league finals …

The school policy is that these jackets should only be made available to those teams competing into the “cold months” … by that, they mean November. The rugby finals are at the end of October, running into November. Either way, it’s been decided that the jacket is a perk … winning the whole damn thing is the prize.

Now … the night out … I was the first to get to the bus for the McMaster game. The second guy admitted that he believed he was the youngest guy on the team. Somewhere along the way, I was teasing him and called him “Junior” during the warm-up. Somehow, the name stuck. The kid is fresh out of high school and is only 18. His birthday is next week … on the same day as our game against Seneca.

And now the party aspect …

So anyhow, a bunch of the guys lived together. Last year all 6 guys played rugby. This year, 5 guys tried out and 4 made the team. Their place has been termed “The Rugby House”. Danny Boy, Hugh, Scapegoat and ‘rik invited all of the guys over. I was hanging with KingPin so we decided to go … and we dragged out Junior. J-Dogg and our captain, Toothless, came out too. We drank … and joked … and drank … and teased Junior … and drank …

By 10PM, Junior was hammered. I was tipsy. So far, so good. We then decided to hit a bar called J. J. Muggs at Woodbine Centre. This is the place to be around those parts. Everybody was there … Pretty Boy, Harlem, Gabey, Mikey … and a load of guys that didn’t make the team … and people you see around campus …

The problem was, Junior is a minor. Everyone seemed to be worried about it. Oddly, I was the only one not worried. I walked straight up to the bouncer …

Me : “Hey, how’s the action tonight?”
Bouncer : “It’s looking pretty tight.”
Me : “Look, I’ve got a rugby team and their ladies … about 40 people … looking to party. You think you can get us in?”
Bouncer : “Sure … jump the line, but I need to see some ID.”
Me : “Listen, I’ve got one … he’s 6 days away … What do you say?”
Bouncer : [stares me down]
Me : [didn’t flinch]
Bouncer : “Keep an eye on him … and I didn’t let you in.”
Me : [shakes Bouncer’s hand] “Thank you, buddy. Let’s go, guys.”

And so, I lead a whole load of people into the bar. It was cool. After that, I had all my drinks bought for me by the team. I may be the only rookie on the team that won’t be hazed or initiated. The guys seem to really respect me … or respect their elders, I suppose.

So the rest of the night was fun. Rounds of drinks … Watched Junior get completely sloshed. Pretty Boy and both of the Alex‘s in our crew signed up for the amatuer male stripper competition. I left early as I had class the next day, but I’m told by the end of the night, Junior wandered off and disappeared. When the bar closed, the guys found Junior passed out in one of those huge flower pots outside of the mall.

He ended up crashing over at the The Rugby House, as did KingPin. Junior was thoroughly fucked up last night. Last count … lost 3 beers, spilled 2, busted a picture frame, and prayed to the porcelain gods no less than 3 times. And we’ve promised him it’s just a warm-up for his birthday, after we pound Seneca. into the ground.

… so yeah … heheheh … more to come …

So I pass by the campus pub, Caps, yesterday … I stop to check out a posting on the bulletin board. It read “Help Wanted for staff on the floor and at the door.” The next thing I know, I’ve got the manager of the pub rushing up to me.

Manager : “You’re hired!”
Me: “Excuse me?”<
Manager : “You’re hired! When can you start?”
Me : “Um … excuse me?”
Manager : “You looking for a job? Well, you’ve found one. You’re a rugby player, right?”
Me : “Yeah … why?”
Manager : “Then you are experienced. You can start this weekend …”

And so, I’ve found a job. Only problem is, between school and rugby, I already have very little time to myself. Add on a job as doorman/bouncer/security at the pub, and I’ll have ZERO time. Moreover, it’ll mean that I live at school … brutal … I told the manager I’d get back to him on that.

So anyhow, I made the rugby team. The team was posted today. Unfortunately, the guys I got to know during the trials (“Cup Boy”, “Trippy”, and “Heat Stroke”) didn’t make it. It’s too bad for them; they’re all good guys. But the guys I’m with are all pretty cool. We had a meeting today and went over some things. Found that “team direction” to work with.

I feel so old hanging with those boys. For the most part, I’m at least 4-6 years their senior. And as I’m working off 6+ years of rust … needless to say that I have troubles keeping up with them. Coach and the assistant Kiwi have flat-out told me that the reason I’ve made the team is that I’ve got the most experience on the team, and that my skills are right up there … but I need to work on my fitness. No kidding … But it’s been coming along.

After a week of ruggers, I can already feel the difference. When I relocated to TO, the heat was enough to have me shed a few pounds. But with the added exercise, I’ve been feeling great … despite the aches and pains. My stomach is more trim … my pants are too big … the definition was returned in my arms, legs and pecs …

… and I shaved my head. I had it with spending time to fix my hair in the morning … I just plain chopped it all off. I’m down to 3mm … a full buzz all around. And I’ve grown a bit of a foomanchu-goatee. I’m told I look pretty menacing. Started staring guys twice my size down on the field, and knowing that they’re shitting their pants. It’s fucking awesome!

The program at Humber is brand new. This is only the second year. But they’ve already started a tradition of using nicknames. They’re still narrowing one down for me. Right now, we’re looking at “Oriental Express”“BulletTrain”“Sumo”“Bat Fastard” … and “Odd-Job” (or “OJ”). “BulletTrain” and “Sumo” don’t really fit as I’m not Japanese … so I think it’ll either be “Oriental Express” or “Odd-Job”.

We played an exhibition game against the McMaster University 2nd XV yesterday as a part of our last try-out. We got our asses kicked 6 days from Sunday. But, despite the fact that these university guys have been playing 2-6 years together, with the benefit of a “summer camp” – us, on the other hand, have 2-year programs and a bunch of guys that have never played rugby before – their coach tells us the team was quite surprised at our defense and our ability to really dish out a tackle.

I think we’ve got enough talent and skill to really build a team this year. So I’m told, the team was seriously lacking last year. Injuries hampered the team so much that it got to the point where the team started recruiting at Caps

Team : “Can you run?”
Guy : “Yeah …”
Team : “Can you catch a ball?”
Guy : “Sure …”
Team : “You wanna play some rugby?”

The team was known as “The Walking Wounded”. Every other guy had some sort of injury … Oi …

Next week, we play Seneca College, the reigning league champs. They’re supposed to be the team to beat. Damn … I’m starting to think I should have gone there instead. They just got a shit-load of funding for their program. And of course, I find this out after I decided NOT to go there … Oi …

So anyhow … that’s been my week in a nutshell … Yes, I have been a little behind in my postings … *ahem!* Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina! … Then again, I didn’t know so many people actually read my blog. And I’m not one to make like everyone reads my blog, forcing me to post something everyday. I do have others things to do too. Mind you, you’re not the only one out there, girlie … Others have mentioned it too … I just figured that I’ll just get my jabs in when I can … ;-P

I had a nice break when God-Twin came in for a visit on the weekend. I love spending time with her. She’s incredible. It’s insane how we manage to talk so much … on a relatively regularly basis … and yet we manage to have so much to catch up on and talk about whenever we see each other.

And Vic *should* be coming up from “The City of Brotherly Love” for a visit … and to pick up his pimpin’ ride. Man, what’s the word on that?

Oh well … I really should get on cleaning up this site again … it’s getting boring … Any suggestions? … And no … No porn, you … hmmm … well … *maybe* … ;-]

Damn … do I miss home. It’s been crazy. Though haven’t been as homesick as I thought I would be, I still miss home. I miss my family … I miss my friends … I miss my old lifestyle. In fact, I miss when life was more simple … some years back. Man, what I wouldn’t give to be back then …