The First Supper

Posted: 08/30/2003 in None

So, Lilith and had our first dinner at out new place. Much of the credit goes to Babydoll as she came over and made us dinner. We had a nice salad to start; romaine lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, nectarines, beets, feta cheese, caramelized almond chips, and greek with feta and oregano salad dressing. We had a chicken, smothered in a balsalmic vinegar and garlic sauce. On the side, we had some stir-fry peas and peppers with mushrooms … and potatos boiled, then pan-seared with the salad dressing. On the whole, it was a great dinner. When I finished off my first plate … Well … maybe I should just type up what would have been the transcript to the incident …

Babydoll : Are you going to have another helping?
Me : Maybe … I’ll see what room I have left after this salad …
Babydoll :
Lilith :
Me : … Uh … did I just say that?

Okay guys … for the record … I didn’t need to be reminded not to get any dressing on my skirt … OKAY? But sadly, it’s true … However, in my defence … that salad was wicked … so good …

Truth is, I’ve been eating a lot healthier in the last couple of years. Caesar and Ken will vouch for me. Soon after, Bonehead even followed suit … however, I don’t he’s had much luck finding a diet that works for him. He’s tried the no red meat … no sugars … no this … no that … But nothing seems to have worked for him. Much thanks to Caesar for putting me on a high protein diet … and not much thanks for Ken dragging me out to Memphis Blues, leaving me with a case of gout! (Just kidding, Ken!) I think think the results where pretty evident when I visited Babydoll and Berty the last 2 years.

Babydoll meets me at the airport, gives me a kiss and a hug .. then looks me up and down … “Where’s the rest of you?” … I hit Berty‘s to visit … “You look great, man … No, really … You look great. Been working out?”. I think the biggest thing was my diet. I started feeling good as even without so much exercise, I was trimming the fat away. After years of carbo-loading for my sports, my diet never changed … although I had since stop playing competitive sports long ago. Then, add exercise to me routine, and my clothes started fitting better … I lost a lot of fat … *BUT* not so much the weight. I actually found that my weight initially dropped, but it came back. Fortunately, it was more muscle.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the summer of ’02. I hadn’t been that active since high school. Basketball, volleyball, beach soccer, roller hockey, squash, badminton … all of that got me back into coaching rugby, soccer, field hockey … It’s been great …

So, yes … I eat salads now … so … bite me.


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