Posted: 08/23/2003 in None

Okay, people … I’m finally moving into my new place. For the most part, I’ve picked up all of the needed furniture. I’ve put together my bed, and am looking forward to a good night’s sleep. I’ve still got a ways to go to really settle in, but at least the place is ready to be lived in. Now, Lilith and I have to get all the other living essentials … cooking utensils … storage items … cleaning supplies … blah blah blah …

The down-side? I can live without TV … but … NO INTERNET! So I quote Jenny-Baby“If I can’t check my email at least once a day … I’d die!” … We haven’t had the time to figure that stuff out. We’ve been running around town looking for ideas and good deals for furniture; we’re sick of Ikea now! So anyhow … I’ll try to keep folks updated as to what’s going on, but I doubt I’ll be online until mid-week at the earliest …

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