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Posted: 08/21/2003 in None

I’m finally back online! … but since the building is still in its finishing stages of construction my connection has been slow and choppy. Nonetheless … WOHOO!

Alright … down to business … Hail, Caesar! … a very happy, but belated, birthday to you, my good buddy! Hey, I called didn’t I? Hell, I even posted a belated happy birthday to my own sister … So don’t give me no lip … Biatch! … heh … All the best, buddy … And for the weekend … don’t be putting those quarters in the freezer before you hit Brandi’s, okay?

Now … for your reading pleasure … I’ll be posting yet another letter from Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina. This one I actually received via snail-mail at Berty‘s. I know that my posting this letter would seem somewhat odd. Some can even accuse me of tooting my own horn. And I just know I’ll be getting at least a nasty e-mail, if not a phone call, from the lady herself about it … But frankly, I don’t care. I was touched by her words, and I’ll share it with you:

Dear Warz,

This sucks. I still wish you weren’t going. Although I know we’ll still have the phone, it won’t be the same. I’ve had so much fun getting to hang out with you and reconnect again. I can’t believe it will be over soon.

I wanted to say thank you for, once again, and always being such a loyal friend. As usual, you have been there when I needed you, and provided much needed support, advice and friendship. You embody all the qualities I respect, admire and hope for in a friend, and I feel lucky that I have gotten to experience all these wonderful traits for so many years. It’s immensely comforting and reassuring to know that no matter how much life changes or how far apart we are, I’ll always have at least on friend that willbe there, ready to lend a shoulder or share a laugh. And for that, I thank you.

You are an amazing person and I will miss you while you are away, but I know you will do well over there. I suppose it’s only fair to share you with the other side of Canada! =) Good luck with your studies and make sure you take a break once in a while. We’ll all be waiting here for you to get back. And remember, I’m always there if you want to chat, kill time, or even just hear a shrill, excited female voice! Take care of yourself, Warz.

I’ll miss you. =(

Call me lots and lots and lots and lots and lots then lots more and more …

Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina

Well, she’s done it again … leaving me speechless … It’s the third time now, dammit!

… more to come later …


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