Posted: 08/21/2003 in None

So, I’ve been crashing at Berty‘s this last week. Although he’s been away on vacation with his lady. He’s been a great a friend as anyone can ask for. Last time I was out this way, he put up with me. And now this time he’s left me here at his pad while he’s away. He’s been incredible. He and I, hardcore displaced Canucks fans, might just have to start up a support group.

The power outage, the biggest black-out in North American history, really screwed up my timing. Phoebe, the 4Runner, actually arrived on Wednesday night, but would not have been unloaded until the Thursday afternoon. Now, we all know what happened on Thursday afternoon … So, I couldn’t get my car until Monday, since those Searail folks don’t work on the weekends … not to mention they were pretty backed up.

Well, no car, and rolling black-outs made for absolutely nothing doing! So I lost a weekend. Now, ever since my Monday, I’ve been feverishly shopping around for furniture and looking for the best deals. Lilith and I found a nice futon from The Brick‘s clearance center. We looked everywhere for the most comfortable sofa/bed combination deal … so any of you visiting folks had better be appreciative …

I’ve also spent a couple of days researching, planning and resolving the issue that is my room. Problem: no closet. Solution: find a wardobe/armoir. The Hitch: starving student wanting to spend as little money at possible. Put it all together and what do you get? “Oi, my first grey hair … and another … is that a receding hairline? Shit! I’m going bald …”.

Anyhow, my room is small enough so that I didn’t anything large in there. So I try out a small wardrobe from Home Depot. Damn thing collapsed after I hung up 1 leather jacket. Scrap that idea. Next, try one of those white wire organizers for the closet. Hmmm … needs to drill holes … lots of holes … and oh, that won’t fit … too long … ah … too short … not enough walls … Boo. Next …

Looked everywhere for a solution. Even called furniture places for their advice. No luck. “You won’t have enough room … You might want to check Ikea”“You can’t do that … You might want to check Ikea”“You won’t want to do that … You might want to check Ikea”“What are you … nuts? … You might want to check Ikea”“Rrrrrrroooooommmmmm … ?” … nevermind that last one … don’t even ask …

To The Rescue: I-I-I-I-Ikea!*damn* that stuff can get expensive … Looked at some wardrobes. They tend to be a little too deep for my liking. Moreover, you open the door and you’ve got 1/3 of the width of my room. Screw that. Hmmmm …. sliding doors ….. hmmmm … means … lots of $ … forget it …

Back to searching. By now, the gas prices have gone up. Shitty. Still fearlessly braving the bumper-to-bumper traffic in the 30+ degrees heat, with the humidity making it feel like 40+. And for all that trouble, what do I get? … “Hmmmm … You might want to check Ikea”. *sigh*

Back to Ikea. At this point, I’d been back to my place a couple of times and realized that my room … is dinky. It really is. And if I stuff a big wardrobe in it, I’ll have zero room. That sucks. So … I perused by the aisles of Ikea. There it was. My answer …

… open concept … You know what? I’m not going to write about it. I’m certainly not going to talk about the money I dropped for it either. But, I know I’ll be super happy with it. After all, it’ my first place … my pad … my sanctuary … I’ll post pictures of it later. I think it’s the only way it’ll do it justice. Thank you, Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina for the suggestion. I’ll have to ask Babydoll if I can borrow her digital camera to do that.

I should look up Dumbass and Donut Dude. But, funny enough, Lemon, another fellow SGS alumnus contacts me. He heard through the grapevine … the grapevine being Timothy … that I had moved to TO. So he calls me up … we chat … things are cool … we’ll be chilling some.

Speaking of chatting … Please note the time. I can’t seem to sleep. I just lie there … wide awake. Fortunately for me, Milkmaid‘s been keeping me company most of these nights, even during the wee hours of the morning. Our most recent form of entertainment has been an intense game of *scrabble*. We’ve been talking a lot and find ourselves amused at the power of anonymity on the net. You wish you came out to my going-away party now, don’t you? Huh? Right, PUMPKIN? … heheh … Here’s “thinking” of you, babe!

Aiight … best off to bed … long day ahead of me … Orientation starts in 5 days … and I don’t know my chin from my ass …


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