We Have Contact!

Posted: 08/16/2003 in None

Okay … big-ass blackout knocked out everything … The damn TTC won’t be running for another couple of days. Because of the damn blackout, my car hasn’t been unloaded from the train yet. Which means I’m stuck without any real transportation. Spending a freakin’ fortune on taxi’s. But hey, what can you do, eh?

So I’ve spent the last couple of days with Babydoll and her family, and Lilith. Lilith and I are having some trouble moving into our new place. The trouble being no power … and nothing to move in! Last night we all resorted to a candle-lit dinner. Since we had no power, we used a gas burner and had hot pot. Good lord, was that dining room hot …

I’ve been up most nights, not being able to sleep due to the heat and humidity. Been chatting with people here and there. Mostly Milkmaid since she doesn’t sleep much. She’s the only other person I know that doesn’t get sleepy. I caught up with an old high school buddy here in TO, and just got word from another one via email.

Anyhow … 416.879.7768 … my new cell number for those of you who’d care to give me a shout some time … or just to call me from a hospital … *ahem!, ahem!* … or from a police station … *ahem! Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina ahem!*

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