Posted: 08/07/2003 in None

So I’ve sent off Phoebe, my 4Runner, to the T-Dot. Along with it went all of my computers and shit. So, I’m stuck without my usual comforts of my own computer. I’m stuck with using an old dedicated server for the house. Anyhow …

So I met this very interesting young lady on the net the other day. I’ve known some people in my life that many would say are beyond interesting, but this young lady intrigues me. She is quite a bit younger than me, and she grew up in a very different area of town than myself. Perhaps that accounts for the noticable differences in our lives. In any case, we’ve managed to chat quite a bit in the short while we’ve known each other. Here’s to you, Milkmaid. Cheers!

9 PM @ Subeez Cafe (891 Homer St.) tonight. All are invited. I should have planned this night a little earlier. I just found out that another friend is having a going-away party on the same night. Basically it would mean that I won’t be able to see some people tonight. Vic, Jo, and I think Chev won’t be coming out. I’ll have to catch them before I leave, I’m sure …

What really sucks is that I’ve promised God-Twin that I’d intro her to these people. Unfortunately, as the summer panned out, the timing just didn’t fit. Everybody was too busy or something … or something … shitty …

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