And in with the new …

Posted: 08/01/2003 in None

Alright … so I can’t be bothered to talk about my latest posting quite yet … Bite me.

Anyhow, welcome to my re-vamped little corner of cyberspace. So I’m told, this little thing is known as a ‘blog’. Whatever. Like it matters what I call it.

So, it’s going to happen. I’m moving away from the beautiful city that is my home. I tell you, I’m going to be so homesick. I’m going to miss this so much. The weather, the scenery … the people …

I book it in 2 weeks. I wish I had more time. Truth is, I wish I didn’t have to go at all. If I could choose to live in any one time, one era, one period of time, for the rest of my life, it would be the decade that was my teen years and young adulthood. Yup, age 13-23. It was at this time, life was at its best. At this time, I learned so much, lived life, loved life. Before that, I was young and naive … and since then, I’ve been just as naive and made some of the biggest mistakes on my life.

Of course, one would argue that I’m but only so young. True, but when I look it’s what I see. At the age of 13, I entered into a new world. At a new school, in a different part of town … meeting new people … learning new things …

Now, I feel a bit like what I felt heading into that. I’m excited to be moving on and doing something new. But then again, there’s so much that I must part from. By that, I mean family … friends … home …


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