Posted: 06/25/2003 in None

Many of you have been pestering me with questions as of late … perhaps this will shed some light on my situation …

12.39 AM : 06.18.2003 Bonehead wrote:

Subject: –


I understand that you have been busy doing things with clients. But as it stands, I believe it is time that we part ways amicably and stay as acquaintances. This has occupied my mind for too long and I don’t wish to think about it anymore. I intend to enjoy my last few weeks here with my friends, but unfortunately that no longer includes you. I wish you well in your schooling and life. Perhaps in the future things will change, but until then, good luck.


To which I responded with:

03.23 AM : 06.18.2003 Warz wrote:

Subject: Re: –


It saddens me that we’ve come to such an impasse. If that is how you would like it, then I doubt there is much, if anything at all, I can say to change your mind. But mind you, such a parting of ways will never be amicable. I’m disappointed that you’ve had very little patience with me as of late, when I’ve spent close to two years dearly missing my friend.

You know very well, that I am a man of my word. And with that, I stand behind whatever I commit to. Currently, I have been very busy with my work. Also, I’ve committed myself to coaching my field hockey team. My team will be playing in the BC’s this weekend, and I’ll be busy preparing them as best I can. I cannot turn my back and walk away from my responsibilities.

Likewise, I would never turn my back on a friend; and that does means you. What I had posted on my website I did in haste. We’ve a rich history of good times and bad times. However, my patience had completely worn thin. I was extremely hurt when I had tried repeatedly to talk to you, you would have nothing of it.

I want to meet with you and talk things through. Unfortunately, I’ll be extremely busy until Saturday night at the earliest. But if you will have none of that either, I suppose there is nothing more I can do.

I’m hurt that you no longer consider me a friend. I’m bitter that you did not give it a chance. But, I’m not surprised as you haven’t really been much of a friend for a very, very long time.

So I leave it to you … If you should choose to leave it as is, then I wish you the all the best for the future. You’re a great person, and you deserve to be happy.

I’m currently not in the mood to further elaborate this on situation. I’ll write about it later as I’ve been way too damn busy …

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