Posted: 03/31/2003 in None


You ever get that feeling that nobody understands? Lord knows that The Fresh Prince got it right with “Parents Just Don’t Understand” … But do you ever get that feeling that there isn’t anybody out there that comes close to understanding you? If you have, then you’d understand what I’m going through right now …


Back in the day, I was living it up in high school. I was on top of the fucking world. I was getting by in school … played sports like there was no tomorrow … social life was thriving … seemingly everything one could want. However, throughout my senior year I had this feeling that came and went without much warning or discretion. What I went through stayed with me ever since.


I have a fair number of friends that are younger than me. By the time I had graduated from high school, I was asked for advice for how to approach the senior year. My advice was simple. “Enjoy senior year” … Period.


Many don’t understand that motto. Fact is, college life is not *all* it’s cracked up to be. I mean, it’s still a wicked blast, but life will never be as simple and carefree as it will be in high school. However, what most don’t realize heading into senior is that there will be some times when you will feel completely lost. You will find that you close friend distant, your distant friends close. You will feel times of happiness … and then times of total lonliness …


You see, it’s at this point in your life when you start to fend for yourself. It’s when you start to plan your future … and you realize that your friends can’t do that for you. And you realize that there is this whole other world out there …


That … scared the living shit out of me. I’ve once said that I’ve felt truly blessed for having had so many friends. Mind you in high school, one’s “friends” are more fairweather than one would like to think at the time … Truth is, they couldn’t help me with what I was going through …


I’m in a similar situation now, in that I don’t know where the hell my life is headed, and I can’t draw support from my friends.



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