Posted: 03/09/2003 in None

So I had a really good chat with Brighteyes and Trish last night. It really helped me settle some of my uneasiness at of late. Last night was the first night I actually gotten any real sleep since Sunday. Boy, did my body need it … my back was killing me.

Tonight I went and watched Ah-Ho‘s play at CHS. I couldn’t have been more proud of the little bastard. He did a damn good job, and a hell of a mack. Good on you, bro! I’m still not sure if everyone there really wanted to be there or if they just decided to keep me company so I wouldn’t look like a total dork at the play. Regardless of the fact, thank you folks for being there. It meant a lot to Ah-Ho.

Admittedly, I feel incredibly privileged to have such great friends. Not only do they accept me for what I am, but they’ve even taken Ah-Ho under their wing. It’s not often a crowd of friends will take a kid damn near 10 years younger and give him the light of day. Moreover, they’ve practically accepted him as an equal. You guys are the best!

So after the play a bunch of us head out to the Fogg for food and drink. I brought out one of my childhood friends, Krispy with us. She’s like a little sister, since are families are tight. Yup, we got her drunk. Z was paying us a visit from down south, with her boy in tow. It’s always nice to see them. We had a good time, with good drinks, and good cheer.

Some people couldn’t make it out, which is a bit of a shame. Jo and Chev were snowed in out in the Pitt. It was a wee bit late for Vic. Brighteyes had jet-lag, and Bonehead is fasting. But BonBon still owes me a night of drinking! I’m still holding you to that Friday night! I think I should get Clive hammered too. It’s about time he learned. 😉

I’m at home now, and my little 10th grade bro is out getting drunk and whooping it up with seniors at the cast party. Atta’boy! … so sad … I’m so old …

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