Posted: 03/07/2003 in None

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a method to my madness … and to continue from my previous mental ramblings …

The Family …

Pops – You’re a tough son of a bitch, you know that? It’s not easy being your son. Thanks. I just hope I’ve been to Ah-Ho at least half of what you were for me.

Ma – You are the strongest woman I know. It could not have been easy raising 3 kids almost by yourself; especially the 3 of us. Don’t worry, I’ll marry a woman just like you …

Butthead – You and I are so different, and yet so similar. I don’t think we’d ever admit that to each face-to-face. Just remember your roots, and that family will always have your back.

Ah-Ho – Believe it or not, you’re one of my best friends. Others are amazed by your poise and maturity, and I am no different. Don’t you dare fuck up like I did … You deserve better, bro …

The Sista’s …

Where to begin? All my life, I’ve been branded the “big brother”, and yet I’ve always found myself one of the girls. “Hey G, we’re having a girls night out … c’mon out!” … Sometimes I just don’t get it.

However, I have formed friendships with some ladies that do make a lasting impression.

Teflon – You will always me my first “little sister”. All those times, picking you up and sending you home … talking your dad into letting curfew slide for a couple of hours … he he he … Make sure ‘he’ treats you right!

Trish – The first thing I think of is your smile. You always smile. Thank for always being so positive, and never letting anything slow you down! And thank you for always being there, and for always being the first to call to tell me that you are there.

Jenny-Baby – Crazy, aren’t we? Yup, staying out ’til 5AM … shooting stick ALL THE TIME … Always a fun time when we’re hanging out.

Tina, Tina, [CENSORED] Machina – I know, I know … you hate it when I’m right. BUT, I wouldn’t be so right if you weren’t so WRONG all the time! Oi! Glad you finally found your “nice guy”


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