Posted: 03/03/2003 in None

You ever have to feeling that nothing can go right?

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to keep this page a work in progress … well, my work has not been progressing. I feel kinda shitty about it. No, I feel very shitty about it. I mean, it’s just another example of how I let myself down over and over again.

Life has been all too interesting for me lately. As I’ve said before, I love my friends. I cherish them. I hold them dear, though I hardly ever say it. Maybe I don’t say it enough. I wish I had the words to tell them. What the heck … here goes …

Babydoll – Life has been so bland since you left. It’s just not same. I miss your companionship. I don’t think I can say it any better than that. I have no words for how much I miss you.

God-Twin – Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if you and I didn’t team up (yes, I still have all the documents from your plan to rule the world). And then, I dismiss it straight away. I would not want to know because it wouldn’t matter. These last 8 years … I think about all the growing we’ve done, and I see that we’ve done it together. It is simply scary how well we know each other. And I would never want it any other way. You are simply irreplaceable … never, ever forget that.

Berty – My dear friend … We’ve had some good times, eh? I don’t think I’ll ever forget that trip down to Oz. I think of some of the happiest times in my life, and you were there. Then I think of some of the worst times in my life … and you were there. You stuck by me through it all. You don’t know how much that means to me. Think and thin, brothers to the end.

To My Boys …

Bonehead – There are so many things we never say … and yet we know we need not say it. Perhaps it’s a “guy” thing, but it’s something I have often found sanctuary in. However there are times that things must be said. Where have you been, my friend?

Caesar – Hail! It’s been a long, wild ride since the days of 8-4, eh? Thank you for “… not bad, but your grammar sucks …”, “Do your homework!”, “Get out of the tuck shop!”, “You fat ass!” … It keeps me going, you know? Just remember to do what you have to do, okay?

Ken – Boy, haven’t we been through some tough times … Thanks for being there. The good times … the bad … and the down-right funky. I don’t ever tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtful and honest views on any of my problems and worries, but I do appreciate it. You’re one of very few people I know that really “has his shit together” … good on you, buddy.

Chip – I will have your smile from that first English class etched in my mind for eternity. You were the very first person I befriended as I turned over a new leaf, and you will remain a constant reminder that I should never lose faith in anything. From little boys to young men we’ve grown and you always managed to smile through the darkest hours; you amaze me.

To The Ladies …

Cutie – I haven’t forgotten about you! Though we don’t talk nearly as much as we used to, I know that when we do talk, we always pick up right where we left off. Do you know how rare that is? You’ve always been a voice a reason for me … even if it’s a whisper coming out from the fields of corn.

Brighteyes – You truly are a sweetheart; the purest of the pure. Your heart knows no bounds … but keep it that way. It’s why we all love you so much.

Z – … you BBY girls … Then again, we BBY people are a different breed altogether, aren’t we? I’m still in disbelief how fast we became friends. But I suppose it is the way it should be, eh? Hurry home!

Shortcake – Sometimes it really amuses me to watch you, to see you seemingly walk through life with the wonderment of a child. Then sometimes you’re as stubborn as an old fart. Girl, you really need to learn how to relax and enjoy life … all of it.

Lilith – When I met you, you were a girl. Now I look at you and I see a woman. You’ve come a long way since we’ve met. I don’t think you realize how much support you offer me … and perhaps even if I tried to explain it, you’d never understand. Live for you … the time is now.

And the rest of the circle …

As there are so many of you, I can’t possibly name you all. Some of you I still see, many of you I don’t. I miss you all. I miss all the good times. SGS Grad ’96my rugby boys … all my god-sisters … my BBY crew runners

Friends Lost …

D – Where do I begin? I miss you dearly. Not a day goes by I don’t think about you and the shit we’ve been through. Perhaps we were at such different stages in our lives that we could not see the other’s point of view. It doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s work it out …

Mo – You still owe me a phone call. We had some great times, my friend, but you really need to pull your act together. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again … call me if you need help.

PetPav – Review your sources before you judge. You never did get it from the horse’s mouth, did you? Make no mistake, I do not lie. Be a man … admit to what you did. What you do is your choice, and it doesn’t matter to me … but I will not be called a liar. That, I will not stand for. Give me a call and we’ll talk …

In with the new …

On a brighter note, recently I’ve met some new people. Frankly, I don’t get to meet people that often anymore. Life is so different now. Gone are the days when people simply invited everyone out. Perhaps I’m at the age when people are just too busy. It’s a bit of a shame, really.

I’m pleased to say that my new friends Vic, Jo, and Chev, are a welcome addition to my life. I truly enjoy their company.

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