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Posted: 09/17/2001 in None

So, I’m sitting in the computer lab at school. I’ve got a 3 hour break. Joy. Wohoo. Whoopdedoodah. I’m so bored right now. Actually I’m in one of those ‘moods’, if you know what I mean. It’s one of those where you just need to ‘do your own thing’. Sometimes I drive. Those who know me know that I drive to clear my mind. But since parking here is such a premium, I’ve decided against that. Besides, I’d be more likely to skip class and just drive all the way out to middle of nowhere.

Anyhow, I’ve come to think a bit, and was thinking that maybe I should use this page to vent my frustrations out. But, doing so would basically open up a can of worms that I’d rather not deal with. I could post up my problems with people, only to have people figure it all out and then lash out at me. Such would cause too much trouble for it’s worth. To mark and example, I’ve been having problems with this one person.

Mr. Ass“, as I’ll call this person, and I haven’t being seeing eye-to-eye in a while. It was an unspoken uneasiness about it all, but I won’t talk about it here. However, we do have mutual friends. Lately, Mr. Ass has complained to at least one of these mutual friends. This person was blasted by Mr. Ass for even associating with me after all of the problems that Mr. Ass has had with me. In Mr. Ass‘ actions, this person has lost some respect for Mr. Ass.

Now, I could go on about this, arguing my point. But, the way I see it is, I’m not going to waste my time in doing so. Bascially what I’m saying is that I’m not even going to dignify his comments and accusations with responses. What I will say is the following:

Mr. Ass, you know what you did, and you can sleep at night, so that’s fine with you. But make no mistake; it’s not okay with me. Everyone has their flaws, and I accept that of people. But, unlike other people, you’ve pissed me off. I know that I am man enough to move beyond this, and I have. Obviously you haven’t. To quote a friends of ours … “… when people speak of you, it’s only ‘gossip’ if it’s something you’re trying to hide … “. Live with it. Grow up. That’s all I’ll say because, Mr. Ass, I don’t have time for you. You’re simply not worth it.

Okay, now I’m pissed off. Great. Need food.


Posted: 09/14/2001 in None

I admit I’ve been a new junkie of sorts lately. How can one not be when given the latest events? What has happened is truly a tragedy. It’s made me sick to the stomach; and I don’t get sick that easily. I feel for the people whom have lost their lives, the people whom have lost loved ones. I’ve lost some loved ones over the years of my young life; relatives, friends, pets … cars … And let me tell you it hurts, as I’m sure you know. But, this was an attack of thousands of innocent people. The world has lost some of the greatest business minds, grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brother, sisters, sons, daughters, friends, neighbours and strangers alike. All this because some people out there couldn’t agree with the policies of others. What a shame …

I could go on and on about this, but there is no point in beating a dead horse. If you’re looking for that, go watch TV because you’re not going to find any more of that here. Go on and listen to those damn Americans cry out … hear them bitch about how “… this is an attack, not only America, but on freedom and democracy …”.

Bull-fucking-shit. Since when did the world ever acknowledge that Unified States of Assholes is the symbol of freedom and democracy? Because there are other countries out there that happen to have similar ideals, freedoms, principles … what makes the US our leader in the forefront? Those damn yankees sure know how to toot their own horn. Perhaps that was what the bloody country has built itself on. Maybe it is what they feel is their identity; having risen up in revolt against English rule …

I’ll give them full credit for that. However, when you hear them bitch and rant and cry about this, one can see they’re enlisting the help of the rest of world based on what they feel is best for them. Once again, the US has stood up for “what they believe in … what they stand for … who they are …”, at the expense of others.

Let me be clearer about this … so the Hicks down south of the 49th get nailed. They’re pissed. I can understand that. But then, Mr. average Michael, Peter, Maurice, Dieter, and Long Dong Charlie Chan from Canada, England, France, Germany, China and wherever else have to give up their hard earned tax dollars to fight the terrorists that have waged war on the US. Does that make sense to you?

So the local mongrel mutt seems to like shitting on your neighbour’s lawn. And your neighbour turns to the neighbourhood and asks everyone to help him clean up his lawn because he’s “a hard working man, bringing the money home for the good of his family … and that he has grass on his front yard …”. You have grass in your yard, so you’re obligated to help him be rid of this four-legged shit-machine? Hell no!

Don’t get me wrong … I can see that if this massacre happened to New York, it could easily happen anywhere else in the world. And I, for one, am in agreement with the likes of NATO and its allies that we should rid the world of terrorists. But, the reason I would be doing is for the good of mankind and the world. I would not be calling the SPCA just because he and I both had green grass; I’d be doing it so that I wouldn’t have to run the chance of that shit layer paying me a unwanted visit.

What also really ticked my hide was how the pricks tried to blame Canada for ‘letting the terrorists into the country’. They immediately blamed our immigration policy for too easily allowing refugees and immigrants in; therefore we could be unknowingly ‘harbouring these criminals’. Fact is, we Canadians shouldn’t have to be screening for the States. Our borders are not American borders, you dumb yankee fucks! Fact is, our immigration system isn’t perfect, nor is any other immigration system anywhere in the world. But, what stands out is that YOU DUMBASSES LET THEM INTO YOUR OWN YARD!

We do have the world’s longest undefended border, and I think it’s a point to be proud of. But if you if you don’t like possibility those criminals can cross the border then put up a fucking wall. Frankly, I’ve seen much more crime and threat to humankind in the States than anywhere else in the world. I’d be glad to keep the likes your kind out of my home.

On a brighter note, I hope we nail the bastards responsible for this. I hope they learn that actions like these are no answer to any problem. Osama Bin Laden was quoted as saying something along the lines of “All praise to Allah … I’m happy to hear what has happened … this was a result of their own actions and policies …”. True, the policies Americans use is harsh to the rest of the world. The way they force it upon the others is downright painful to see.

The Yanks have always forced the world to bow down to them and accept their ways. A classics example is Michael Fay’s (I think that’s the kid’s name) caning incident in 1994. A good AMERCIAN kid was caught vandalizing some cars in Singapore and was sentenced to 4 months in jail and 8 strokes of the cane. This would have been a perfectly acceptable punishment in Singapore. If this boy had been a citizen on other country, the US wouldn’t have given a rat’s ass about it. But since Fay was donut-punching American, the Americans jumped up in a rage about ‘human rights’. After much deliberation, Bill Clinton was able to have both parties save face by reducing the 8 strokes to only 4 strokes.

This is ironic part about all of this is, the States have had a history of kidnapping criminals from their home countries and literally dragging them back to America to stand trial. Their policy is “… if you’re in our playground, you play by our rules …”. Um, need I remind everyone that Fay was in Singapore. This dork was in their playground … why didn’t he play by their rules?

I’ll leave you with that to think about … I need sleep for school tomorrow … I’ll write more later.